The Last Starfighter 2 Has A Concept Trailer And Is Being Worked On

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

the last starfighter 2

It’s pushing close to 40 years since The Last Starfighter hit screens. Basically ever since then, fans of the film have been clamoring for a sequel to the story of Alex Rogan and how his prowess at a video game ended up saving an entire civilization in a space war. It was a cool movie at the time (even for the 1980s) and left itself open for a possible sequel and bigger story. And that might be happening. There’s word that The Last Starfighter 2 is actually being worked on and we even have a concept trailer for the sequel. Check it out:

This new concept art in the form of a teaser sizzle reel is actually brought to you by writer/ director Gary Whitta and was uploaded to his YouTube page. Whitta didn’t work on the original movie but is obviously working on pitching and even starting to come together with the basic outline of what The Last Starfighter 2 would look like. Heck, he even has a title ready to go with The Last Starfighters signaling there is an even bigger battle than the original on the horizon. 

In this version of The Last Starfighter 2, we get the opening at what is presumably the same trailer park from the original movie and Alex Rogan is now an adult. Actor Lance Guest, who played Alex, is now 60 years old but in the mock-up is sitting with what appear to be older children so the timing could make sense here to bring back the original cast including his girlfriend (now wife?) Maggie played by Catherine Mary Stewart. Here, take a look at some of what he’s put together along with artist Matt Allsopp. There’s so much cool stuff happening here: 

last starfighter 2

And after our introduction to the same original setting and some key players, we get what looks every bit another space opera. The Last Starfighter 2 becomes replete with planets and new ships, space stations, and battles. It looks like the cosmos are gearing up for another fight and it would appear that others like Alex have been called into the battle. Frankly, it looks awesome. 

You can see from the concept trailer and the other art that Whitta and company have thought a lot of this out and have a story possibly well into development when it comes to the script. Whitta has worked on writing scripts for The Walking Dead along with Star Wars Rebels and has the flick Fate coming up as well. Clearly, The Last Starfighter 2 is a passion project hoping to become something more. 

The original movie came out almost 40 years ago and told the dream story for any nerdy, video game kid of the 80s. Basically, Alex finds out that the game he’s been mastering in his trailer park is actually a test to become a true pilot in an upcoming space battle. Ever since people have been jonesing for The Last Starfighter 2 and it really looks like it’s going to happen with Whitta all but saying he’s writing a script for the movie. 

I’m sure we will have more news coming down the pike for this major development and it would be awesome to return to this story with an updated version. The times have changed but every video game player in the world can still identify with the dream scenario of actually saving the universe.