Last Chance To Watch One Of Adam Sandler’s Most Popular Movies On Netflix

Adam Sandler's heartfelt classic, Big Daddy, is set to leave Netflix on January 1st.

By James Brizuela | Published

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During Adam Sandler’s historic career, he became one of the biggest champions of the slapstick comedy genre. However, we all get older, and wiser, and begin to want to do different things with our lives. That is what happened to the Sand Man when he released Big Daddy, which is now set to leave Netflix on January 1st.

Big Daddy was the turning point in Sandler’s career, where though the movie was full of the typical slapstick jokes, it was a bit more heartfelt than its predecessors. In fact, we would argue that this more family-friendly movie was where Sandler began to want to be taken a bit more seriously in his acting career. The world seemed to agree as well, as the movie made $234.8 million against a budget of $34.2 million.

Big Daddy follows a man named Sonny Kofax (Adam Sandler), who is as lazy as one could get. Though he is a wonderous mine when it comes to the practice of law, he would rather sleep in till noon, and work one day at a toll booth in New York. In fact, his life is so slow-moving, that his girlfriend leaves him for a much older man.

Sonny then adopts a kid named Julian, after he pretends to be his roommate, Kevin Gerrity. Gerrity has left for China on a business trip, leaving Sonny to figure out what to do with this random child that just showed up. Without ruining the rest of the movie, everyone can go give this Adam Sandler classic a watch before it leaves Netflix for the foreseeable future.

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Oddly enough, Big Daddy would be one of Adam Sandler’s biggest money-making endeavors in the 1990s, though he won Worst Actor at the Razzies for the movie. Still, Big Daddy was Sandler’s biggest domestic opening in his career, up until he portrayed Dracula in Hotel Transylvania in 2015. Despite the clear “haters” that the movie had, it was more of a defining moment in Sandler’s career.

A review written by Robert Koehler of Variety stated, “a step forward for Adam Sandler, as well as a strategy to expand his audience. While the loyal male-teen aud[ience] core will not be disappointed with the spate of gags just for them, the story contains solid date-movie material.” We could understand how Big Daddy might be taken for a romantic comedy, but we would argue it’s more about finding family where you least expect it.

Adam Sandler has now shifted his career to more serious movies, including Reign Over Me and the recently released Uncut Gems. He even wowed critics with his performance in the basketball drama movie on Netflix, Hustle. Without Big Daddy, Sandler would have always been taken as the “guy getting hit in the testicles” type of actor.

Granted, Adam Sandler still had those types of movies that followed Big Daddy. Little Nicky, Mr. Deeds, Anger Management, and 50 First Dates were all those types of slapstick comedies, but you could tell there was more of a shift to deliver messages of deeper heart in the movies that followed Big Daddy.

Big Daddy is available to stream right now on Netflix, and if you happen to be a fan of the career choices that Adam Sandler is making right now, those are because he was able to transition to more of an “adult” role in this heartfelt comedy. Watch it now, before it disappears into the limbo of streaming services.