See Lady Gaga As Harley Quinn For Joker 2

By Mark McKee | 42 seconds ago

lady gaga

If you are keeping track of what is going on in the DCEU over at WB, you probably have whiplash. At the moment, there are three Batmans (Affleck, Keaton, and Pattinson), three Jokers (Leto, Phoenix, and Keoghan), and, thanks to recent news, two Harley Quinns (Robbie and the newly announced Lady Gaga). New developments break every day that seem to be more bad news than good. With rumors of Amber Heard’s recasting and the continuously unfolding drama surrounding Ezra Miller, Lady Gaga’s appearance couldn’t have come at a better time. 

When Todd Phillips released a script cover on Instagram along with the title, Folie a Deux, speculation ran wild. The meaning of the phrase refers to a shared delusional disorder. Of course, the only character who shares a disorder with Joker is his lovely companion, Harley Quinn. The excitement for Harley Quinn to appear in the sequel inspired many conversations and theories. Fortunately for us, it also inspired artwork from many talented artists. As you can see in the image below, fans are going nuts over the prospect. Here is a glimpse of what Lady Gaga could look like as the maniacal Harley. 

@Celments.Ink is an online graphic artist talent who seems to specialize and focus on superhero and comic book casting and concept art. His page has everything from Jamie Dornan as Superman, Dylan O’Brian as Flash, and Ryan Gosling as Nova. Even with nearly 900 posts of nerd Heaven and “What If”s, we can’t help but get excited about the work. After taking a peek at the possibility Lady Gaga brings to the table as Harley, the artist showed her potential. The simple image is of her standing for a booking photo and giving an unbothered stare. She looks clearly like someone matching Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck’s insanity is enough for fans to start marking their calendars. 

Lady Gaga’s inclusion into the franchise doesn’t only match the vibe of Joaquin Phoenix but also a talent lining up. Phillips (perhaps emboldened by the overwhelmingly positive review for his first outing) elected to make the sequel a musical. Making the jump from music to acting isn’t new for the vocal talent. And neither is working with Todd Phillips. According to Variety, the actress worked with Phillips when he served as a producer for A Star Is Born. The performance earned Gaga an Oscar nomination and very well could have played a part in the casting.

Still, most of the details of this sequel remain under wraps. Fans still don’t know if Phillips plans to connect these movies with the larger DCEU. With three Batmans, three Jokers, and now two Harley Quinns in the same franchise, it could feel forced. However, upon further inspection of the above image, we think fans could get on board with a crossover. Lady Gaga has two Oscar-worthy performances under her belt, A Star is Born and last year’s House of Gucci. Combining her with Phoenix may prove that the DC Universe is at its best when it stands alone.