See Krysten Ritter Hint At Jessica Jones Coming To The MCU. Our Scoop Confirmed?

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

krysten ritter jessica jones

One of the big questions around the Marvel Cinematic Universe is how they will incorporate all of the characters from the Netflix Defenders group. The latter set of folks is making their way to Disney+ and under the bigger MCU umbrella. For some, we already have confirmation of their status as being part of the existing world. But it hasn’t been the case for all. Now though we might have further evidence that another character is making her way over, one that would confirm a Giant Freakin Robot exclusive. Krysten Ritter has a post on Instagram that would really suggest she is getting back into character as Jessica Jones. 

While the post of Krysten Ritter wasn’t on her official account, she appeared on the feed for @melaniejacobshair (via MovieWeb) a celebrity stylist. What’s interesting about it is that Ritter is sporting the Jessica Jones hairstyle that was something of a signature look for the character. This would really make it seem like she might be prepping to get back into the role. Is it firm confirmation? No, but there are also other clues to suggest she is just another MCU addition from the Netflix group of characters. Check out the post: 

Again, is a hairstyle a confirmation that someone is returning for a major role? Of course not. But you might notice that she also seems to be wearing the signature leather jacket for the character. Awfully convenient, no? And bringing Krysten Ritter back into the fold as Jessica Jones would at least line up with other moves Marvel has made over the last year or so. For starters, Charlie Cox returned as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home. It was just a short scene, and we never saw him as Daredevil, but the implication is clear that he is back. The actor will also reportedly be in some more Marvel productions in the near future. Additionally, Vincent D’Onofrio returned as Wilson Fisk/ Kingpin in Disney+’s Hawkeye. And there’s word that Jon Bernthal is coming back as Frank Castle/ Punisher. 

So it sure looks like the stage is set for Krysten Ritter to come back as well. And why not? Maintaining continuity between the two studios would make sense considering all of the characters are now fully with Marvel. There’s almost no sense in resetting things completely, especially considering that the Netflix group was, by and large, well-received by audiences on the streamer. Will we see her with a solo series once again? Well, Giant Freakin Robot had the exclusive there as well with word that a solo series could be in the works. Oh, and GFR also reported recently that Marvel was eyeing David Tennant for a return as Kilgrave which would be a 1:1 casting from Jessica Jones. 

Krysten Ritter starred as Jessica Jones for three seasons on Netflix, bringing on the little-known character from the Marvel Universe. But she was ideal in the role as a lower-level superhero dealing with some fairly significant issues after having things go way wrong early in her crimefighting career. Getting her back into the mix, especially with all of the projects and series coming to Disney+ would be a welcome addition to the MCU.  I’d say that’s unlikely. But there’s plenty of room in this universe for characters who worked the first time around.