Krysten Ritter Returning As Jessica Jones

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

krysten ritter jessica jones

It’s the question fans want to know. Will Krysten Ritter return as Jessica Jones? The show was on Netflix for only three seasons, but that clearly wasn’t enough. Now, we hear that Marvel is moving forward with plans to get Krysten Ritter back in the titular role for a new series, this time within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Much like the previous iteration, the show will be made for adult audiences. But instead of airing on Disney+ with other Marvel shows, the new Jessica Jones series will appear on Hulu. 

This latest news comes from Geekosity where Mikey Sutton had long maintained that the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, wanted to see Jessica Jones return to the screen. He’d also insisted that Feige wanted Krysten Ritter to stay in the role which made a lot of sense considering how much she brought to the screen as the titular character. Netflix had the rights to Jessica Jones until February 18th, but they are now back in Marvel’s hands, and the studio is moving forward with plans to bring the show back to audiences. Development hasn’t started yet, and neither has negotiations with Krysten Ritter, but they’re coming. 

Geekosity has also heard that Daredevil will appear on the new Jessica Jones show as a friend, as will private detective Dakota North. This all points to Marvel fully wrapping in those popular Netflix characters and maintaining continuity across the platforms. Krysten Ritter and a lot of the Netflix Defenders gang look like they are getting back together.

How badly do fans want Krysten Ritter to play Jessica Jones again? After we learned that Marvel Studios got the rights to Jessica Jones back from Netflix, conversations began almost immediately. Marvel has been securing the rights from other Netflix projects as well, like Punisher and Daredevil after the streaming service’s contracts sunsetted.

Following the Krysten Ritter announcement, the actress liked a Twitter post about the news. There isn’t much we can read into that with that small bit of social media activity, and yet fans clung hard to it as a hopeful sign. Audiences couldn’t be more clear that they not only want more Jessica Jones, but they want to see Krysten Ritter playing the title character. 

Of course, Jessica Jones is a tough sell for Disney+. No one would want Krysten Ritter to return only to water down her character. The news that they would put the show on Hulu is particularly interesting. It makes sense when you know that Disney Studios controls 67% of Hulu. Currently, Comcast owns 33% of the company, but Disney will have their share by the year 2024. When Disney+ became big, industry experts began to wonder if they would use Hulu at all. It looks like they will be putting some characters there who operate both a little outside the typical Marvel fare in terms of language, style, and general tone.

This all lines up for Disney to distribute its R-Rated Marvel series on Hulu. The studio will still own the series and character, meaning Jessica Jones will be in the same world as WandaVision and She-Hulk. But Krysten Ritter will get to remain her foul-mouthed self. 

This opens the door for crossover events to still happen as well. There have been rumors we might soon see Krysten Ritter return as Jessica Jones in Disney+’s new series, She-Hulk. While Ritter hasn’t publicly addressed any rumors that she will return as Jones anytime soon, she still seems to love the character. She’s said in the past that, “You have to think long and hard before signing on to a television show,” and that she knew Jessica Jones would be a success from the beginning.

Hopefully, we can assume that means Krysten Ritter will be interested in reprising the role and negotiations to bring her back will begin soon.

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