A New Kristin Davis Movie Is Dominating On Netflix

By Jason Collins | 3 months ago

kristin davis netflix

Netflix’s new thriller-drama Deadly Illusions, starring Kristin Davis, is topping the viewing charts nationwide since it has been in the Netflix top 10 since its release more than a week ago. It seems that the internet is buzzing about this soapy and ridiculous movie flop that many consider irredeemably incoherent and terrible. 

The plot centers on Mary Morrison, portrayed by the one-and-only Kristin Davis. Mary is a successful but retired best-selling novelist pursued by her publisher to write another title after Mary’s husband makes a bad business deal. As a mother of two, she’s divided between her family and the book she’s ought to complete. So, the married couple hires a full-time nanny to look after the children – enter Grace (Greer Grammer), a young woman from a prestigious childcare service. But, as things go in movies, there’s more to Grace than meets the eye.

This sets the pervasive tonality of Deadly Illusions to psychotic and overly sexualized, as the nanny insinuates herself into the family’s life, trying to seduce both Kristin Davis’ Mary and her husband, Tom. And that’s where psychotic aspects come in – as Mary descends more and more into her novel’s story, the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred. So blurred that the audience is left with the question: does Grace have ulterior motives, or is she just a full-blown projection of Mary’s rich imagination and inner fantasy life?

deadly illusions kristin davis

The movie is littered with scenes of seduction, wild sex, and murder, leading to the discovery of Grace’s dissociative identity disorder and her alter ego, Margaret.

Apparently, Grace killed Mary’s friend Elaine and tried to set up Mary for it by wearing her sunglasses and scarf for cameras to pick up. Naturally, the police suspect Mary did it, but after Grace attacks Tom at their home, Mary overpowers her, knocking her unconscious. Grace ends up in a mental institution, while Mary’s family survives an unspeakable horror.

The movie’s ending scene probably leaves a bitter aftertaste, as it sees Mary and Grace playing cards in a mental hospital as nothing happened. In the closing moments, the camera pans to a Mary wearing sunglasses, a long scarf over her head, and a coat – just like she did at Elaine’s office. Or was it Grace?

Deadly Illusions

Well, whatever it was, the movie’s ambiguous ending left the audience with too many questions and not enough answers. Did it all happen? Is Grace to blame? Or Mary? Were all the seduction scenes real? Did they really happen? Or was Mary imagining things? Unfortunately, these questions might never reach a satisfactory answer. No one, including Kristin Davis herself, said anything significant about the movie since its release.

Deadly Illusions released on March 18, 2021, and the Kristin Davis movie was the most-watched film on Netflix in its first weekend. However, it met less-than-positive reviews in the days to come, scoring a mere 3.6/10 on IMDb (at the time of writing), with a plethora of bad viewer-reviews across many other rating platforms. Its financial performance is unknown since its budget remains undisclosed, but it might not fare well according to current reviews.

Kristin Davis isn’t the only one with an erotic-drama-thriller combination that flopped with critics on Netflix. Their Fatal Affair also gained unfavorable reviews by the audience and the critics, who criticized it as a diluted retelling of Fatal Attraction – another romantic psychological thriller film from 1987. We guess Netflix is yet to refine the recipe for romantic/erotic psycho thrillers.

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Kristin Davis, 56, is probably best known for her portrayal of sexually naïve and helplessly romantic Charlotte from Sex and the City. Despite the fans’ severe criticism of Deadly Illusions, Kristin Davis’ performance in the movie was greatly appreciated by the fans. Her involvement with a character as Mary Morrison in a sex-revolving psycho-thriller certainly surprised her fanbase, who was pleased to see her in a different setting.

Now’s the time for honesty: is Deadly Illusion worth watching? Absolutely, since it has everything the audience wants: women smoking cigars – Mary goes through about eight of those in the movie – Kristin Davis in a changing room with another female, and a few R-rated scenes. If nothing else, it would make you appreciate the genre’s successful titles a bit more.