Kristen Stewart To Be The New Batwoman?

Could Kristen Stewart be joining the superhero ranks? From Twilight to DC, it looks like she's in line to be the next Batwoman.

By Doug Norrie | Updated

kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart originally came on the scene in a major franchise that set her acting path over the next decade or so. If anyone knows what it’s like to play an iconic role and then be defined or maybe even typecast because of it, she would definitely know. But we are many years and many roles removed from her Bella Swan turn and she might be ready to step into a major character. Heck, one of her running mates in those movies is already there and Stewart might be considering something in the superhero vein. We Got This Covered is reporting that Steward is considering taking the role of Batwoman in the DC Universe.

Kristen Stewart, according to this report, is strongly considering a role in a possible Batwoman movie. This is all very much part of the rumor mill with the DC Extended Universe in full development mode and another set of DC films in the works as well. It looks like this rumor would be part of the latter group of films that will exist in the upcoming Robert Pattinson universe of Batman characters. There is no official Batwoman movie planned as of right now, but with that universe in growth mode, it stands to reason they are looking to fill out the cast of characters with everyone in Batman’s inner and outer circle. 

kristen stewart

The world of comic book movies and television series is becoming increasingly complicated and difficult these days. There are worlds on worlds being developed that don’t overlap at all but have similar or even the same characters. The rapid growth of the DC Universe has led to some confusion in that respect with the content being produced across multiple platforms. It looks like if Kristen Stewart joined up as Batwoman it would be alongside Pattinson in the Matt Reeves world which will first be introduced in The Batman. 

Of course, what makes this rumor even more interesting, besides just Kristen Stewart possibly joining a major comic book franchise and taking on an iconic role, is the pairing of actors in this universe. That’s because she and Pattinson already had one high-profile franchise together. It put them both on the relative map and intrinsically linked them, maybe forever, in the eyes of Hollywood. Those were the Twilight films in which she played the aforementioned Bella and Pattinson played her love, Edward Cullen. Reuniting them in some fashion, even outside of a love interest role, would be a serious turn of events. 

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Both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have worked overtime to distance themselves, acting-wise, from their days in Twilight and both have succeeded. Getting into another high-profile franchise, one that’s starting to trend on the darker side than some other comic book fare makes a lot of sense as well. 

And just remember, because this stuff gets confusing, this Kristen Stewart rumor isn’t related to the Batwoman series in the Arrowverse on the CW and isn’t the Batgirl movie in the works for the DC Extended Universe. See what I mean? It gets confusing. Regardless, adding Kristen Stewart to a superhero role would be a cool turn.