The Reality Of When Knives Out 3 Will Be Released

Franchise creator Rian Johnson gives an honest assessment that it will be years before Knives Out 3 is released, as he has yet to write a script.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Daniel Craig

The sequel to Knives Out, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, has been through theaters and is now on Netflix. After an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, people have been wondering when will Knives Out 3 be released. Unfortunately for fans anxious to solve the next Detective Benoit Blanc mystery, according to MovieWeb, it will likely still be a few years before audiences are able to watch the last mystery in the trilogy.

After the major success of the first Knives Out mystery, writer and director Rian Johnson struck a deal with Netflix to make the next two in the franchise that follows Daniel Craig’s Detective Blanc. Now that the second film has been released and is even more popular than the first, audiences can’t wait to see what mystery Blanc will solve next. The only problem? Johnson still has to write Knives Out 3 before it can be released. 

A month ago, Johnson mentioned in an interview that he had no idea what the next Knives Out mystery would be, hinting to fans that it would probably be a while before Knives Out 3 would make it to its theatrical release. Creating these films has been an ongoing process that has taken the auteur years to manifest. According to Knives Out producer Ram Bergman, Johnson knew what the first mystery in the series would be about for years before it was made, but it took him months to come up with a story for the second, and apparently, that’s been the case for the threequel as well.

Now, it seems Johnson has overcome his writer’s block and has just begun to work on the final script of the trilogy. Because movies take time to make, once the entire process is completed, it will likely be a few years before audiences get to watch Knives Out 3 released in what Johnson hopes to be a theatrical premiere. 

Daniel Craig in Glass Onion

With the rise of streaming platforms and the chaos of the last few years that left people unable to go out to watch movies in public, recent films have more often been released directly to streaming platforms or a pay-per-view service. Johnson says that while it’s impossible to predict what the trend for new films will be at the time of Knives Out 3’s release, he hopes that movie theaters will come back in style. As writer and director for the franchise, Johnson has made these movies to be enjoyed as a shared experience, in a style reminiscent of classic Alfred Hitchcock films.

While Netflix distributes the Knives Out franchise, and streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ have benefited greatly from protocols like social distancing, movie theaters still might have a chance at survival. Other streaming services like Amazon Prime are committing to giving a chunk of movies a year a theatrical release, hopefully keeping these theaters in business. Since Johnson believes that most people are still interested in seeing movies in theaters, directives like Amazon’s might be enough to ensure that Knives Out 3 will indeed get a theatrical release. 

However, whether Knives Out 3 is released in theaters or on Netflix, if it’s anything like its predecessors, the film is sure to be a success.