Kevin Spacey Actually Has A New Movie Coming Out

By Britta DeVore | 5 seconds ago

kevin spacey

Leave it to Hollywood to let enough time pass following a sexual misconduct allegation to give an ex-A list actor a new role. Recently, it was revealed that Kevin Spacey will be making his return to the world of film in a historical drama titled 1242 – Gateway to the West. The plot will center on Batu Khan, the grandson of the legendary warrior and conqueror, Genghis Khan. Batu, who was a masterful military commander in his own right, was put into power as the commander in chief of the Mongol empire’s western side. Delivering crushing blows from China to Persia, Khan was given the task of beginning the takeover in Europe, but all of that soon came crashing down when he traveled to Hungary. It was here that his path crossed with a spiritual leader who put an end to Khan’s prowess on the battlefield and pulled him and his armies down. 

The film will be shopped around at the Cannes Market and, whether they’re looking for it or not, is bound to gain press sheerly for the fact that they’ve cast Kevin Spacey in one of the leading roles. The production will mark the actor’s first big feature since 2017 when sexual assault allegations against him were popping up left and right. The new film will see the American Beauty star joined by a starring cast set to include Eric Roberts and Christopher Lambert, with an ensemble of Jeremy Neumark-Jones and Genevieve Florence. Peter Soos will direct 1242 – Gateway to the West from a script penned by Aron Horvath and Joan Lane. 

An incredibly well known name in Hollywood, things turned sour for Kevin Spacey back in 2017 when fellow actor, Anthony Rapp (Rent, Dazed and Confused), stepped forward with claims that Spacey made sexual advances towards him when Rapp was only 14 and Spacey was 26. Things got especially messy when, during his wildly unaware apology to Rapp, Spacey came out as gay. He was then dragged by multiple famous members of the LGBTQ+ community including George Takei, Lance Bass, and Wanda Sykes, who slammed him for attempting to take the pressure off the allegations by putting the spotlight on himself. They were also severely ticked off that Spacey would compare homosexuality to child sexual abuse which is spot on. 

Following Rapp’s initial claims, fifteen others would step forward to allege that similar occurrences happened to them at the hands of Kevin Spacey. With the allegations piling on, Spacey was suspended from his leading role in the final season of Netflix’s House of Cards. As it would turn out, his time playing political mastermind, Frank Underwood, on the drama was not without its complaints from the cast and crew. Allegations of misconduct began to make their way around the set as Spacey was removed from the production. Following the crumble of his time on House of Cards, Spacey would have several other roles pulled out from underneath him as well as the dissolution of his partnership with Netflix. 

Since then, Kevin Spacey has been in and out of court, going head-to-head with his accusers. Many of the cases have been dismissed or have gone in Spacey’s favor. One person who will not give up is Anthony Rapp who keeps throwing everything he has into holding Spacey accountable for his alleged misconduct. With Spacey’s Hollywood career gaining momentum once again, there’s no telling what the next chapter in this story will bring.