Kevin Spacey Is Acting In A Movie About Pedophilia Charges

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

kevin spacey

Kevin Spacey has been mired in controversy for the last couple of years which had brought his career to a standstill. He wasn’t being cast in anything with a cloud of allegations, among other things, hanging out there that had the actor persona non grata in the world of Hollywood. But that might be changing with Spacey now set to star in an upcoming movie. And The Independent is reporting that the actor is making a, well, interesting choice to play a detective investigating a case involving a false claim of pedophilia. Okay then. 

This new movie will be The Man Who Drew God and will star Kevin Spacey as the detective on the case of a sexual misconduct charge that’s been drummed up but has no merit. The flick will also star Vanessa Redgrave though it isn’t clear what role she will have in the film. It will be an Italian film, filmed in the country and possibly not in English. Franco Nero, an Italian actor/ director who is also married to Redgrave, will helm the film. This will be his first feature-length film and is working under the Italian title L’uomo che Disegnò Dio.

kevin spacey

It’s a somewhat interesting choice for Kevin Spacey to be making a movie in which he investigates false claims of pedophilia considering the context around the actor’s career over the last few years. He’s been accused by more than 20 people of incidents of sexual misconduct spanning multiple decades in the late-90s and 2000s. The allegations involved a number of different people in the industry and included claims of inappropriate touching and sexual advances. One of the more high-profile claims came from actor Anthony Rapp who has said that Spacey made advances to him when the former was 14. Spacey has categorically denied these claims and no charges have ever been filed. 

But the claims did lead to Kevin Spacey being essentially cast out of Hollywood, bringing his career to a standstill. He was removed from his role as  Frank Underwood on the Netflix flagship show House of Cards and the series was shuttered when they could no longer keep the actor in the starring role. The show had been wrapping up anyway but had to speed up the timeline when it no longer became tenable to have Spacey working there. 

Kevin Spacey was also supposed to star in the biopic Gore about the life of Gore Vidal which would have also aired on Netflix. But this was canceled as well but the streaming platform ended its relationship and contracts with the actor in the face of the sexual misconduct allegations. This has meant Kevin Spacey not having a role on the big or small screen in more than three years. This latest film could mark something of a comeback.

kevin spacey

Whether this next flick serves to bring Kevin Spacey back into Hollywood working circles remains to be seen. Again, it’s an interesting first choice of roles. And we have seen actors face significant controversy only to reenter the limelight at some point. That could be the case here with Spacey. But it will start in a movie in a different country. It will be interesting to see how it goes for a guy who was, at one point, one of the most celebrated talents around.