Kevin Smith Says Making A Marvel Or Star Wars Movie Is A Fool’s Errand

Kevin Smith says he would never direct a Marvel or Star Wars movie because the fanbase is too "rabid and tribal."

By James Brizuela | Published

Kevin Smith is known for making movies his own way, which is why he has legions of fans that would follow the man to the ends of the Earth. However, the celebrated indie director recently revealed that he would never want to direct a Marvel or Star Wars movie, as it would be a “fool’s errand.” He stated, “No. It’s a fool’s errand – you’re going to piss somebody off. Fandom is rabid and tribal.”

To be honest, Kevin Smith does have a point that everyone single popular franchise always deals with negative fans no matter what happens. That fandom can reach some ridiculous heights, with many comments being thrown out of a racial context. Just look at what happened with Halle Bailey was shown as Ariel.

Marvel and Star Wars fans are quite particular too, and more recently, there seems to be a growing number of those online who would hide behind their comments and say very disgusting things. Kevin Smith has likely been asked to direct movies in either franchise but has not done so yet for obvious reasons. He did direct a few episodes of Supergirl and the revival of He-Man, which he revealed is a huge reason as to why he would never want to direct anything pop culture related again, especially because he stated that many people said he “ruined” their childhoods.

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Kevin Smith added, “They’ve got a billion people to make those movies, but nobody’s making Kevin Smith movies, so I might as well make them.” That is true, and everyone seems to always be lobbying for their chance to make something in the Star Wars or Marvel landscape. Again, Smith makes movies for himself and the fans that he knows will go see his features.

Kevin Smith is currently on tour with his new Clerks 3 sequel, as he is traveling the country to showcase the movie which also involves a Q&A portion. Clerks 3 also only saw a limited theatrical run but has already pulled in over $3 million in box office numbers, which is great considering that it has only spent a week in theaters. The usual case is that Smith makes a ton of money on DVD and Bluray sells, which is the reason behind him being able to make this new sequel.

Kevin Smith stated that so many people bought Jay and Silent Bob Reboot on DVD that he was contacted by Lionsgate, and the studio gave him the funding and go ahead to make Clerks 3. That has been the best news, as the world has been treated with another movie in his View Askew universe. As long as he keeps making the movies that he wants to, everything is going to be just fine, and he won’t have to direct anything that he doesn’t have full creative control over.

Kevin Smith makes movies that are specific for his audience, which he knows already, and there is no reason to mess with that. To be honest, Smith would make an incredible director in the Marvel or Star Wars landscape, but it’s clear that he wants nothing to do with the negativity that would follow. Maybe one day when the fandom becomes far less damaging, we might see the man step in and take the reins.