Kevin Smith Making A Sequel To His Weirdest Movie?

Kevin Smith has mostly stayed in his lane when it comes to filmmaking, with a few odd exceptions, and now he is making a sequel to the oddest of those exceptions.

By James Brizuela | Published

kevin smith

Kevin Smith has mostly made films that have existed in his universe which is known as the ViewAskewverse. That has been comprised mostly of the adventures of Jay and Silent Bob, though they have only been the main protagonists in two of the movies they have appeared in so far. However, the man has branched out to make some oddball films. One is the thriller known as Red State, which made fun of religious extremists that may or may not have been the Woodsboro Baptist Church. Another off-the-wall film that Smith created is Tusk, which saw Justin Long transformed into a Walrus-like beast. Apparently, Kevin Smith is now making Tusk 2.

During a recent interview, Justin Long had revealed that he was told Kevin Smith would be aiming to make Tusk 2. This is quite odd considering that the film did quite poorly at the box office. It netted around $1.8 million, which is not a lot of money. However, Smith is usually in the business of backing his own projects through the earnings of his other films. He proclaimed that enough Blu-rays of Jay And Silent Bob Reboot were sold which has now led to Clerks III. This could mean that enough people have brought Tusk to allow a sequel to be made. When Long was asked about the sequel he stated, “He texted us all the other day, Haley [Joel Osment] and Genesis [Rodriguez], and he told us that he wanted to do it, and I thought it was a joke. And then I realized he was being serious. And then one of the [other] interviewers said, ‘Yeah, he said the same to me.'”

Not only is Kevin Smith wanting to make Tusk 2, but he has apparently already revealed the plot of the sequel film. The last time we left the house where the horrors went down, Long’s character Wallace had been turned into a walrus beast by Howard Howe. He ultimately kills Howe and stays in the house as this new beast. Now, it appears that Wallace has escaped his animalistic fate, but is so disturbed by the events, he becomes the new Howard. Smith revealed this potential plot in 2020, but he could have altered things since then. Either way, it appears that he is fully invested in making the sequel film.

It may take some time for Kevin Smith to get to Tusk 2, as he is currently set to go on tour with Clerks III. The final film in the trilogy of the sort of biopic about this life is set to release this month. Smith will be going on tour in plenty of cities to have audiences watch the film and engage in a Q&A. The film will also be premiering in select theaters through Fathom Events from September 13th to September 18th.

Although Kevin Smith seems to be quite serious about Tusk 2, we are likely not to see that film for at least a few years. The promotion and tour for Clerks III will take the filmmaker through to next year it seems. We are shocked to know that Smith wants to breathe life back into his horror franchise, but we are also interested to see what he has planned for the Tusk sequel.