Kevin James Has A Brand New Comedy Coming To Netflix This Week

By Carolyn Jenkins | 4 months ago

kevin james

No stranger to comedy, Kevin James has had a long career of feel-good movies. Now the actor is returning in a film taken from the headlines. The film for Netflix is a sports comedy starring James as Sean Payton, the former football coach for the New Orleans Saints. In life as well as film, Payton is expelled from coaching the NFL for a year and returns home in his downtime. When the couch returns to Texas, he reconnects with his 11-year old son, Connor (Tait Blum). Payton finds that his son’s football team is notoriously in need of shaping up. He assists his son’s coach (Taylor Lautner) in creating a team that can win while also making connections with the kids.

Kevin James will be teaming up with former co-star Adam Sandler whose production company Happy Madison is set to produce the film (via The Hollywood Reporter). The two actors have collaborated in many films. Some of the more notable films include I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry as well as 50 First Dates (per Cinema Blend). The two seem closer than ever as just 2 years ago they also teamed up for Netflix’s Hubie Halloween. All reports are that Sandler is a joy to have on set, which is why James keeps coming back to work with him. Sandler has stated all the ways that he has bribed James, but in the end, it boils down to something simple. “We love being together,” Sandler stated.

Kevin James Adam Sandler Hubie Halloween
Kevin James and Adam Sandler in Hubie Halloween (2020)

Sandler only appears to be involved in a producing capacity, but it is still a chance to do another Netflix project with Kevin James. It is also not the first time Sandler was drawn to sports.  One of his previous films has been blowing up Netflix for the past couple weeks. The Longest Yard was a remake from the 1974 film, starring Sandler as Paul Crewe. In a similar situation to James’s Home Team, Sandler’s character was previously in the NFL but has since been the subject of scandal. His legal trouble leads him to prison where he helps the inmates get into shape for a penitentiary football game.

Kevin James does not seem to be in as much trouble as Sandler in Home Team. The film is inspired by the real Sean Payton and the scandal known as Bountygate. Payton was suspended after it was discovered he had a hand in players being paid to injure others on the field for a fee. According to USA Today, Payton lost $6 million in salary after the suspension and states that it is “something I’ll never truly get over.” Netflix states that these circumstances appear in Home Team, though slightly exaggerated. Payton did return home to Dallas to coach a boy’s team, though they weren’t nearly as bad as the trailer implies.

Some characters in the film are also based on real people. Taylor Lautner’s character Troy Lambert is based on the coach of the Warriors, Brennan Hardy. Also in the film is Payton’s ex-wife Beth, who shares her real-life counterparts name. Former SNL cast member Rob Schneider joins former co-star Kevin James in the film as well . This is a new opportunity for Lautner who gained extreme fame in the 2010’s in The Twilight Saga. He portrayed Jacob Black who was Edward Cullen’s (Robert Pattinson) rival for Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) heart in the series. This proves that there really is life after love triangles for these actors. Pattinson has continued his success in being cast as the newest Batman. Stewart has been surrounded by Oscar buzz for her portrayal of Princess Diana (via Indie Wire).

As with any good comedy, Home Team appears to strike at the heart. Kevin James has been known for broader comedies in the past, but his films typically have some sort of connection to reality. Not only is Sean Payton a real person, but there is a clear emotional ties from the recent footage. The character of Payton cares about his son. The two have a fractured relationship because of Payton’s job and now he can come home to mend fences.

Kevin James has experience with these types of stories. He became known in the sitcom community when he starred as a family man in The King of Queens. He has also voiced Frankenstein in the animated Hotel Transylvania films which strike at the heart of emotion as well. Home Team seems to be about a family above all else and will be available to stream on January 28th.