Kevin Hart Just Put Mark Wahlberg On Blast

Kevin Hart just took Mark Wahlberg to task over not getting a role in popular production at the beginning of his career.

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Sometimes it doesn’t matter how big an actor gets in their career, they will always remember clearly the parts they didn’t get. That’s just the nature of a competitive business in which careers can seemingly be made or lost at the whim of a casting director or a good read. Kevin Hart would seem to know this all too well and he, for sure, has a steel trap when it comes to having been passed over for roles. Recently, he was none-too-happy to let Mark Wahlberg know as much when the two sat down for an interview about Hart’s career. There was a time early on when these two crossed paths and it didn’t go Hart’s way.

While talking on Hart to Heart for PeacockTv, Kevin Hart laid out a time he went for a casting call that sure seemed to be close to a win. But it didn’t go that way at all. He and Mark Wahlberg were talking, reminiscing about the latter’s series Entourage for HBO. Wahlberg executive produced the series that was, in part, based on his early years in Hollywood. Hart was up for an audition for a role in the show and really thought he had nailed it. But that didn’t turn out to be the case, and he was passed over for another rising star at the time. Kevin Hart took the opportunity to let Mark Wahlberg about the mistake and offer a few choice words for the actor. Check it out.

While most of this is tongue-in-cheek about Kevin Hart actually being mad at Mark Wahlberg, there is a sense that the former didn’t feel great about it at the time. He had gone in to read for the part of Charlie, an up-and-coming comedian, and actor who Kevin Connelly’s Eric is managing near the end of the fifth season. This was back in 2008, before Hart’s career had really taken off. Hart believed he had crushed the audition and would have been perfect for the role seeing as how he was also a comedian on the rise. But the part went to Bow Wow who had been making forays into acting. Hart never received a callback for the part.

To his credit, Kevin Hart does go on to praise Mark Wahlberg for what he helped do with Entourage, offering a stylized glimpse at Hollywood life and a window into what it’s like to be a big star. Hart was amazed to learn that the actual Wahlberg crew on which the series was based acted in a similar way to what we saw from Vince’s crew on screen. Hart says he got to eventually meet that crew when he and Wahlberg finally got to work together. The two are paired up on Netflix’s Me Time which is due out later this year. It follows a father whose family goes away for the weekend only to see him and a buddy party it up in a pretty epic way.