Kevin Costner’s Lawyer Is Shutting Down A Bunch Of Nasty Yellowstone Rumors

A lawyer representing Kevin Costner said the Yellowstone rumor suggesting Costner was unwilling to work more than one week on filming is a complete lie.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

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In light of recent allegations involving Kevin Costner’s unwillingness to participate in Yellowstone, his attorney decided to weigh in on the rumors about the actor amid reports he may be leaving the Taylor Sheridan-created show. The rumors have been addressed in a recent article put out by, stating that the allegations are wildly false and without merit. While the relationship between Costner and showrunner Taylor Sheridan may seem obviously strained, the subject of Kevin Costner’s role in Yellowstone and the possibility of him leaving the series to pursue his dream project is up for debate.

Original rumors stated that Kevin Costner’s time on the Yellowstone set was limited by his request to 50 days for the first half of the season and only a week of shooting the second half. It’s also been said that Costner is looking for an exit on the series, with Matthew McConaughey rumored to join Yellowstone in his place. Whether the possibility of another Yellowstone spinoff is in the works is not the heart of the matter, however.

The attorney called these accusations “ridiculous.” Furthermore, they said, “The idea that Kevin was only willing to work one week on the second half of season five of Yellowstone is an absolute lie.”

Nobody is opposed to the idea of a Yellowstone spinoff but rather they’re concerned with Kevin Costner’s supposed ego on the set. A spokesperson from the Paramount Network recently stated, “Kevin Costner is a big part of Yellowstone, and we hope that’s the case for a long time to come.” We can only hope that two things are true: that Kevin Costner is in for the long haul and that the rumors of his difficulty with the studio, while maybe containing some kernels of truth, are mostly false.

While Kevin Costner’s participation is crucial to Yellowstone, it’s not uncommon for actors of his caliber to get burned out on a project and want to try something new. Hopefully, this is not the case with Costner’s portrayal of John Dutton. In an ideal world, all parties involved will let the series run its course and wrap up the story as intended.

Yellowstone is a drama about the Dutton family and their ownership of a Montana ranch – the largest ranch in the United States. Kevin Costner’s role in Yellowstone is instrumental to the series, as his character is the owner and operator of the ranch, and he also serves the duty of being Montana’s Livestock Commissioner. As the series progresses, John Dutton puts on yet another hat by becoming Governor of Montana, making Costner’s role in the series even more crucial to the show’s success.

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The drama surrounding Kevin Costner’s role in Yellowstone is parallel to the drama that’s happening behind the scenes in a way. Yellowstone, at its heart, is about a power struggle between Dutton and those he is at odds with, and now we see power struggles between the star and the showrunner. When it comes to big productions, tensions are apt to run high, but let’s hope that the rumors we’re hearing are just rumors.

Since its debut in 2018, Yellowstone has been considered by many to be a powerhouse series and is wildly successful. Kevin Costner’s role in Yellowstone is considered crucial to the series’s success, which at this point has secured a Golden Globe Award. While the future of Yellowstone may be uncertain at this point, we hope for a sound resolution between Costner and Sheridan and more seasons to come.