See Kevin Costner In The Yellowstone Season 4 Teaser

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

kevin costner yellowstone

Kevin Costner is gearing up for Yellowstone Season 4 and we know that the show has left us on a moderate cliffhanger. As with any Taylor Sheridan production, the thin line between life and death has characters on the straddle, and this show is no different. With the latest release of the Yellowstone Season 4 teaser trailer, we aren’t given any assurances that the Dutton clan, in its entirety, is totally safe. In fact, they are anything but. That’s the sense we get from an ominous early look at the next season. 

Paramount released the Yellowstone Season 4 Premiere Date trailer this week, and it points to the worst for Kevin Costner. His character of John Dutton has been targeted for assassination, along with a number of other members of the family. We catch up to the character at this point, having been the victim of a drive-by shooting on the side of the highway. He is left for dead on the side of the road with a murder of crows circling symbolically. Check out the Yellowstone trailer below. 

Look, it is unlikely that Kevin Costner meets his end in this season, or at least he likely survives these gunshots when it is all said and done. His John Dutton character is too central to the story to kick the bucket here. Right? But like I said, showrunner and creator Taylor Sheridan hasn’t had issues in the past with removing characters from movies you thought were there to stay, so it isn’t necessarily a lock that Costner sees this through to the end. AS the patriarch of the Dutton family and the head of the ranch though, he’s made plenty of enemies along the way and his family, at least at the end of Season 3, was put at significant risk. 

And at the end of the Yellowstone trailer, we hear the overlaid voice of Will Patton as Garrett Randall say, “We’re at war, you and me…” This suggests that the latter has decided to dig in on being the biological father of Jamie Dutton, John’s adopted son played by Wes Bentley. Again, Kevin Costner throughout the entirety of the series has had to face adversaries and opponents on a number of different fronts both within the family, but also on a grander political and economic scale. It is what makes the show so damn intriguing. 

The latest trailer revealed that Kevin Costner and Yellowstone will be back on the streamer on November 7th of this year. It is a franchise that is only set to start growing over the next couple of years as well. In addition to this original story, a couple of spin-offs are in the works as well. There will be 6666 which will explore the story of another ranch with some of the character crossing over to the new production. And then there will be the prequel Y: 1883 which will tell the story of the original Dutton crew who set about to stake their claim as farmers in the untamed West. That series just announced the casting of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as well as Sam Elliott.