Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone Co-Star Reveals Season 5 Details For John Dutton

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

kevin costner in Yellowstone

At the Dutton Yellowstone Ranch, pretty much anything is on the table if it means keeping hold of their largest contiguous plot of land in the continental United States. We’ve seen it all over the course of the first four seasons, and it looks like there is going to be more intrigue on the way. From a recent interview, Season 4 newcomer Piper Perabo let on that there could be more romance on the way between her character and John Dutton (Kevin Costner). It would continue an interesting intersection of characters and ideals considering Perabo’s Summer Higgins is an animal rights activist. 

The news that Piper Perabo and Kevin Costner could be striking up more of an on-screen romantic relationship came during an interview on Entertainment Weekly’s Red Carpet Live for the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. She was there because Yellowstone was nominated for the Outstanding Performance by an ensemble cast in a drama series category (they lost to Succession). During the quick interview, Perabo let on some details about Yellowstone season 5 and what to expect from Kevin Costner and her on-screen love connection. Check out what Perabo had to say: 

“The love story is kicking into gear on Yellowstone. I know a lot of people watch it for the cowboys and the ranch, but I watch it for the love story…We’re turning up the heat. It’s been a hard couple of years, let’s turn up the heat for a minute.”

Piper Perabo was introduced in Yellowstone’s Season 4 as an animal rights activist who was in fierce opposition to the goings-on, especially the ideas around commercial farming of the Livestock Commission. The office is effectively run by Kevin Costner as John Dutton through his family. But though things were contentious, to begin with, she ends up forming something of a relationship with both John Dutton and also Beth, played by Kelly Reilly. Because this is Yellowstone though, relationships can also often mean getting mixed up in a bunch of other crap, and that’s no different for Perabo as Higgins who eventually does see her actions have a major consequence. It’s unclear how exactly they are able to work in a relationship with her character and John Dutton, but it’s clearly in the cards. 

Kevin Costner and Yellowstone are coming off a wildly successful fourth season of the Paramount series. Following the exploits of the Duttons on their eponymous ranch, the series works to wrap in not just the goings-on of the family but also the larger political and financial world that comes into play when owning and running such a massive piece of land. The first four seasons have seen no shortage of twists and turns with continued games of cat-and-mouse among all different factions looking for power in this area. It’s been an enormous hit with the fourth season nearly doubling up the viewers to an average of almost eight million per episode. That number had been at three and below from the previous three seasons. 

And we are set to get more stories around this world created by Taylor Sheridan and brought to life by Kevin Costner and company. We already got the prequel series 1883 which went back to that year, telling the story of the first Duttons to forge across the frontier and stake their claim in the West. And then there will be a follow-up, 1932 which continues on how the family kept their grip on their landholding. Plus, 6666 is on the way, set in the current Yellowstone timeline, but at a different ranch, this one on the Texas/ Mexico border. It’s a world that is only growing. And from Perabo’s words, it looks like more love is on the way.