Critics Have Chosen The Worst Kevin Costner Movie And It Isn’t Waterworld

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

kevin costner yellowstone

Kevin Costner is currently enjoying some huge success as John Dutton in the hit series, Yellowstone. The show is so popular that it has already spawned two spin-off shows. However, Costner has been an actor since the early 1980s, enjoying plenty of success since then. He is also an Academy Award-winning director for his efforts on 1990’s Dances with Wolves. While he has seen some great fame, not all the films he has been a part of have been well received. Through all his 64 acting credits, the critics have finally chosen his worst film. While fans might think that designation belongs to Waterworld, the worst rating film in his entire career is the 2002 thriller, Dragonfly.

Dragonfly currently sits at an awful 7% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While the critical response for the movie clearly saw this film as unredeemable, the audience rating is a much higher 62%. So, maybe the film isn’t as bad as the critics say, though a 62% rating is still considered a D performance. If we are matching this up to a grade-type system. The critic consensus for the film claimed it to be “sappy, dull, and muddled.” However, the box office numbers also paint this film as a huge flop. Dragonfly had a budget of $60 million, while only garnering a worldwide box office haul of $52.3 million. That is certainly considered to be a flop in every sense of the word.

kevin costner dragonfly

Dragonfly follows Dr. Joe Darrow and his wife Dr. Emily Darrow. The pair are philanthropists, helping native communities in the Amazon. Emily is seven months pregnant at the time. She is on a bus when a landslide causes the vehicle to fall into the river below, taking her life. Joe is clearly distraught and returns home after his wife’s body is never recovered. Though he knows that she is dead, she keeps appearing to him via visions and the symbol of a dragonfly, which was tattooed on Emily. Various happenings at home drive forward the idea that Emily is trying to speak to Joe beyond the grave. Those happenings include a lightbulb exploding, a strange symbol appearing, and even Emily calling out to Joe. While we are not sure if anyone happens to want to see this film, we will forgo speaking about the rest of the plot.

While this description sure sounds like the makings of a good film, it sounds as if the critics had a lot of trouble believing that this film was meant to look like a thriller. The apparent signs of Emily speaking to Joe were just too full of sentiment that didn’t land well. The film was said to be far too cliched for the mystery of the film to fully develop and keep the interest of those watching these strange happenings occur. It’s a bit strange that any Kevin Costner film would be this horribly rated considering he is one of the best actors currently working, but then again, 2002 was a long time ago. We are firm believers in seeing a movie for yourself before judging, but it sounds as if Dragonfly might be one Costner film to skip altogether.