Kevin Costner’s New Western Just Cast The Smartest Man In The World

Kevin Costner is following up his time in Yellowstone, by making a new Western film, which has now added the smartest man in the world to its cast.

By Mark McKee | Published

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Some of the first blockbuster movies were Westerns. Before the big budget war epics, the dark cop movies, and the talented martial arts films, Westerns were the action movies of the day. Legends like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood lit up the screen as the tough and rugged heroes men wished to emulate. The dusty towns, wide open fields, and desert landscapes of the west served as backdrops to stories involving cowboys, sheriffs, and duals at high noon. While Westerns are less common nowadays, one actor seems to hold on to the genre to circle back every few years. Kevin Costner made a name for himself in the Western genre as an actor, director, and producer. Now he has found himself in front of and behind the camera again. This time, he has added the smartest man in the world to his cast. 

Deadline reports that Kevin Costner’s newest dive into the old west, Horizon, has now cast Luke Wilson in an undisclosed role. Wilson is best known for his role in Idiocracy, where he hibernates only to awaken in a world filled with moronic people where he is easily the most intelligent person alive. Wilson is no stranger to the western genre as he appeared in 3:10 to YumaThe Ridiculous 6, and Outlaws and Angels. Although most of Luke Wilson’s most successful films see him as a side character to more prominent names, his two most famous roles in Idiocracy and Old School show that he has the chops to carry a film when given the chance. With Kevin Costner, Sam Worthington, and Sienna Miller also signed on to star, it is likely Wilson will be a side character yet again. 

Horizon won’t be unexplored territory for Kevin Costner either. He is sitting in the director’s chair, which is a place he has been before for Western epics. His directorial debut, Dances With Wolves, garnered him an Academy Award for his efforts as Best Director. He then directed The Postman and 2009’s Open Range. The latter of which served as a return to form for Costner at the time. He has also appeared as the lead actor in other Western films where he wasn’t directing. Silverado saw him alongside Scott Glenn, Kevin Kline, and Danny Glover. He took the lead as the real-life lawman in the movie Wyatt EarpHis Western credits don’t end with film; he has also taken to the small screen in Hatfield & McCoys as the other side of a bitter rival with Bill Paxon and starring in Paramount+’s Yellowstone

With everything we know about Horizon so far, it is clear that Kevin Costner loves the Old West and the stories surrounding that time in our country. His new project will be a labor of love as it sits at just over ten hours. Don’t worry; you won’t have to sit in theaters for half a day to catch the entire film. The actor wants to break it up into four separate films running at two hours and forty-five minutes each. If Dances With WolvesOpen Range, and Yellowstone indicate what we can expect, we don’t think many fans would mind sitting in the theaters for ten hours.