Kevin Costner Is Making An Epic Western Movie

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 4 months ago

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Kevin Costner, who has graced the big screen for decades, will be making a creative comeback for his new Western movie titled Horizon. Costner is not only starring in the Hollywood film, but he will also be directing and producing the Western. Costner has starred and developed other well-known films in the genre over the years. One of his well-noted movies that he received numerous accolades for was the epic Western Dances with Wolves. The film was also directed, produced and starred Kevin Costner. And starting this year, Costner will begin production on another Western that will definitely impress fans and critics. 

Kevin Costner is creating Horizon, which focuses on the American expansion into the West before and after the Civil War. “Horizon tells the story of that journey in an honest and forthcoming way, highlighting the points of view and consequences of the characters’ life and death decisions,” Kevin Costner told Deadline in an interview when describing his newest passion project. According to Collider, the film will focus on the settlers and the difficult decisions that they had to make during the harrowing journey out to the American West. 

The last film Kevin Costner directed and produced was the 2003 movie titled Open Range, according to The Wrap. Open Range was also an American Western film that starred the talented Annette Bening, Robert Duvall, and Costner himself. Long before Open Range, Costner had established himself as a powerful force both in Hollywood and in the Western genre specifically.

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Kevin Costner obviously is no stranger to the epic Western. He has been starring in a drama series called Yellowstone, which has been receiving fantastic reviews and has also recently been nominated for a SAG award for best drama ensemble. The series focuses on a family in Montana who deal with others trying to come and move onto their land. The series just wrapped up its fourth season and currently has a high score of 8.8 on IMDb. It seems whether Costner stars in a movie or series, the plot and storyline will definitely be a good one. 

If some people don’t know Kevin Costner for his roles in epic Westerns and drama filled television series, then perhaps they know him from starring alongside Whitney Houston in the famous film The Bodyguard from 1992. The actor played the role of a former Secret Service agent who is hired to protect a famous R&B singer, played by the iconic singer, Whitney Houston.

One of Costner’s films that he starred in where his talent had started to be recognized was the 1985 movie Silverado. The Western had an A list cast, including Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, and Scott Glenn. Costner played the character of Jake, and it soon became his breakout role in the film industry. 

When Kevin Costner takes on a project that he plans to direct, produce, and also star in, there is no doubt that the project will be well made. According to Deadline, Costner is producing and financing the film through his own production company called Territory Pictures. Horizon is set to start production in Utah at the end of August. Not long after that, audiences and fans will be able to see the passion project come to life on the big screen.