Kevin Costner’s Waterworld Co-Star Was Shocked When He Met Him

Tough to blame him.

By Michileen Martin | Published

Kevin Costner

It’s tough to know what stars will be like when you meet them in person. You want them to be nice, approachable, and friendly. You may even want them to become your buddy; maybe even a friend. And that kind of uncertainty isn’t exclusive to those of us who have never appeared on the big screen. Kim Coates of Sons of Anarchy fame recently revealed that when he worked with Kevin Costner on Waterworld, he wasn’t quite prepared for who he would meet.

Coates showed up recently on Michael Rosenbaum‘s Inside of You podcast, and the host read Coates a fan question which asked if he’d ever worked with someone who completely bucked his expectations. “I was really uncertain about Kevin Costner,” Coates answered. The Bad Blood star first collaborated with Costner on 1995’s Waterworld, in which Coates played a drifter who tries to pay Costner’s hero to allow him to sexually assault Helen (Jeanne Tripplehorn). “I gotta tell you, he’s one of my best friends now. He turned out to be the kindest, smart… even though he didn’t direct Waterworld he kind of did.” You can watch the clip below. It’s kind of long, but we’ve marked it at the part where Coates starts talking about his Waterworld co-star.

Coates worked with Kevin Costner again when he played one of the villains, alongside Michael Gambon (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), in the 2003 western Open Range, which Costner directed. “I would spend night after night at Kevin’s house… smoking pot with him every night and watching him edit and edit… and learn from him. I was stunned at how warm Kevin is to everybody and how smart he is. If you f–k him, he’ll put you in a headlock and he won’t let go. But he turned out to be like… what a jewel. Kevin Costner. For sure.”

So there you have it from Tig himself; if there was ever any doubt, the Sons of Anarchy alum vouches for Kevin Costner as a stand-up guy. It is surprising, however, given what Coates has to say about his Open Range director and their friendship that the pair haven’t collaborated since then. Of course, Coates already has a number of promising projects lined up so it isn’t like the guy’s hurting for work. Maybe it’s just a matter of timing.

As for Kevin Costner, along with making more of the hit TV series Yellowstone, he’s about to do something he hasn’t done since he worked with Kim Coates back in 2003 — direct a movie. According to Variety, Horizon begins production at the end of August. The film, which is often described as a “passion project” of the Dances with Wolves director, is said to chronicle the western expansion into what is now the continental United States, told from different points of view from an ensemble cast. We know at least a few of the names we can expect to star in Horizon. While none of their roles have been revealed, the film will star Sam Worthington (Avatar), Jamie Campbell-Fowler (Stranger Things), and Sienna Miller (American Sniper). Kevin Costner also told Variety that Horizon will be released as four different movies, each coming out “about every three months.”