Kevin Costner Names The One Thing That’s Unrealistic In Yellowstone

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

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In case you have been living under a rock or in a cave for the last couple of years, Yellowstone is now the biggest television show on the planet. Kevin Costner and company have been breaking records with their highly watched show about ranching. Well, it’s more so ranching as organized crime, but still. The series has been talked about and dissected more than any other, and because of the show’s popularity, two spin-off shows have followed. Costner was recently interviewed about the series, where he got candid about what in the show is the most unrealistic. According to him, “I mean, in a lot of ways, the only thing that is not realistic is how many people we murder. That’s a function of heightened television and all that, but if you strip that part away that kind of has to be there in the level of entertainment with how broad you can go, everything reduces itself down.”

Kevin Costner is speaking on the fact that the Dutton family in Yellowstone do an inordinate amount of killing. That is certainly true and quite honestly a big reason why the show is so provocative. The Dutton family of which Costner’s character is the leader surely does not shy away from having to do what they think is the “right” thing for their family. Simply put, put characters in a situation where it’s either “us or them.” It truly makes for some great TV. That is what made Breaking Bad so good. Walter White goes from a mild-mannered chemistry teacher to a bloodthirsty and unhinged drug kingpin. He had to break all the rules to showcase his full downfall. While he initially made decisions to protect his family, everything became skewed when the money came rolling in. This is the same level that John Dutton and his family have achieved throughout their years. Even the prequels have shown even more brutality to make sure that the Dutton name rose to the prominence that it currently is at.

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No one wants to watch a show that shows what an even-keeled family is up to. Yellowstone adds so many layers of backstabbing and score-settling that it’s almost impossible for droves of people not to be murdered. Kevin Costner clearly realizes this fact and has called out how unrealistic it is. However, the mafia existed in real life, and this was part of how major families got to the level they were at. That is sort of where the Dutton family finds themselves. They are the mafiosos of the countryside, whether that has been explicitly stated or not.

Kevin Costner and Yellowstone are continuing on, as the fifth season is said to be coming out sometime later this year. The producers have stated that season five will be 14 episodes, leaving the rumors that it will be split into two different segments. The new Yellowstone spin-off, 1932, is also set to coincide with one of the segments as well. Though everyone will want to know what happens next, one thing is for sure, expect that unrealistic body count to keep going in the new seasons. Costner will just have to keep on living in the world where his family is as brutal as they come. It may seem unrealistic at first glance, but it makes for some very exciting television.