Kevin Costner Is Teaming Up With Morgan Freeman On A New Project

Kevin Costner is starring with Morgan Freeman in a new movie titled The Gray House.

By Mark McKee | Published

Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman have put their talents to entertaining movie audiences for the better part of four decades, but surprisingly have only appeared together once in all that time, in 1991’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, also starring Alan Rickman and Christian Slater. Now they are teaming up 30 years later to bring another historical epic to screens, this time bringing to light the contributions of women in a Civil War spy ring. According to a report by Deadline, Morgan Freeman and his Revelations Entertainment are teaming with Kevin Costner’s Territory Pictures to bring The Gray House to audiences. 

The Gray House will follow the story of Mary Bowser, who was a black woman who took on one of the most dangerous jobs in the Civil War as she volunteered to enter the South’s presidential palace, The Gray House. She would pretend to be illiterate so those around her would feel safe speaking freely about the South’s plans for battle and strategy, and she would then relay those plans to her handler in the North and turn the tides of the war. Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman will tell the story of an enslaved person turned spy who became one of the most important and influential people in the Civil War that we had never heard about in school. 

Mary Bowser was difficult to track down for historians as she went by her real name, Mary Jane Richards Denman, and got very little recognition for her contributions. A Virginian and her former owner, Bet Van Lew, was commended and financially compensated for the work done by Bowser. She then changed her name to Denman due to getting married after the war, making tracking her down even more difficult; we’ll see how much of the untold story will be told by Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman’s project. 

Both of the actors own production companies that are teaming up with Leslie Greif of Big Dreams Entertainment to produce the Civil War epic. Neither Kevin Costner nor Morgan Freeman is new to the Civil War timeframe, as Costner led and directed the seven-time Academy Award-winning film, Dances with Wolves, and Freeman appeared in Glory with Denzel Washington, Cary Elwes, and Matthew Broderick. Leslie Greif is also no stranger to epic historical films as he served as producer for the Miles Teller-led mini-series, The Offer, and the Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton feud series, Hatfields & McCoys.  

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Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman have worked with some of the world’s biggest stars; Costner has anchored films such as The Bodyguard with Whitney Houston, The Untouchables with Sean Connery, and the western sensation Yellowstone. Morgan Freeman has worked with Brad Pitt in Se7enBruce Willis in R.E.D., and Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven in the last forty years on screen. The newest film from the pair is the next step in a long line of films endeavoring to bring attention to the contributions of black people, following Hidden FiguresHarrietMarshal, and The Woman King. There are no more details on the cast as of yet.