Kevin Costner Missed The Golden Globes For A Frightening Reason

Kevin Costner had to miss The Golden Globes due to severe flooding at his home in Santa Barbara.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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In case you missed it, flooding has been wreaking havoc on many of the coastal towns along the western side of California. Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres recently shared a wild video of the rising waters taking over the town of Montecito and now Yellowstone star Kevin Costner has attributed the disastrous flooding as the reason that he was unable to attend The Golden Globes. Taking to his Instagram to share a video, which you can see below, the Dances with Wolves star reports that he and his wife, Christine Baumgartner were safe but unable to make it out of Santa Barbara where flooding has all but taken over the town.

In his message to fans and event heads, Kevin Costner apologizes that he’ll be unable to attend The Golden Globes this year, adding how excited he and his wife were to get dressed up and walk down the red carpet. The actor says that he wishes he could be there with his friends and the rest of the Yellowstone cast, but that unfortunately it just isn’t in the cards for him this time around. But wait, things are about to become even more of a bummer. 

While the actor has received the coveted honor in the past for his work on Dances with Wolves and Hatfields & McCoys, this year, Kevin Costner took home the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama in the fan-favorite series Yellowstone. That’s right, the one year he’s unable to make it, he bags one of the most desired awards of the night. If he was bummed enough about missing out on his red-carpet entrance, just imagine how upset Kevin Costner is for not being able to accept his award in person.

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Although it’s been one of the top-performing series in television, somehow Kevin Costner’s nomination at this year’s Golden Globes was the first of its kind for Yellowstone. Throughout its now five-season run, the series hasn’t brought in any other nominations of the sort, making this the cherry on top of Costner being trapped at home. But, with the story of the Duttons continuing to unfold until creator Taylor Sheridan rounds it out, there’s still time for Costner and his co-stars to rake in more accolades.

Yellowstone fans were left on a cliffhanger following the show’s fifth season break which happened on New Year’s Day. The cast and crew will soon get back to work on filming the second half of the season, which will air at some point this summer. In the series, Kevin Costner’s Golden Globe-worthy character, John Dutton, is the owner of one of the largest cattle ranches in the United States and the patriarch of a family with plenty of ambition. 

While earthquakes may be the norm for the Golden State, the flooding that’s affected those living in coastal towns and even inland has been a reminder of just how powerful and unpredictable nature can be. And although Kevin Costner missed the Golden Globes this year, we’re sure that he’s bound to have his name back on the nominee list sometime soon. For now, we’re just grateful that he and his family are safe.