Reboot Series Based On Kevin Costner’s Best Movie Was Just Canceled

By Doug Norrie | Published

kevin costner

Kevin Costner and baseball fans aren’t going to be happy about this latest news, not even a little bit. It appears that Peacock has dropped a planned reboot series based on the actor’s best movie and the show will now have to find a new home if it wants to see the playing field. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the planned Field of Dreams series will no longer hit the streamer though they didn’t disclose why exactly it wasn’t going to see the light of day there. While Kevin Costner himself wasn’t involved here, the show was going to be led by Michael Schur of Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame. It’s a blow to those who were excited about what could have come with this new show. 

The Field of Dreams series was originally picked up by Peacock in the summer of last year and had a straight-to-series order right out of the gate. Details were a bit light about the Kevin Costner reboot, but it was slated to be a drama that was a bit different than some of the other Schur-led works. Though it’s worth noting here that Schur is a huge baseball fan, having created FireJoeMorgan, one of the funniest baseball-related blogs you’ll ever read. This Field of Dreams series adaptation was going to take its beats from the original movie, but in series form we were likely to have seen some major differences from the flick. 

All hope isn’t lost yet. Universal Television still holds the rights to the Field of Dreams series and the THR reporting suggests that they are sending it around now to see if there’s another interested taker for the show. With the world of streaming services in a near-constant battle over content, it stands to reason that there could be a home on another platform before it’s all said and done. And considering the popularity of the source material, and just how much the Kevin Costner movie has resonated over the years and the generations, there’s at least a sliver of hope that we see it picked up somewhere else.

Field of Dreams is the 1989 movie starring Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella, an Iowan farmer (doing it somewhat reluctantly) who begins to hear voices in a cornfield that he thinks are suggesting he build a baseball field over the top of his crop. Ray believes that if he does so then Shoeless Joe Jackson, the disgraced Chicago White Sox player will return from the grave to play baseball again. So begins a journey about a man and his relationship with his father all through the lens of baseball. There’s a reason it’s a total classic and still carries with it some of the most iconic lines in movie history like, “If you build it, he will come.”

We will have to wait to hear what happens with Field of Dreams and whether we’ll ever get to find out who would have replaced Kevin Costner in the lead role. It’s an interesting concept for a movie, and there’s even a real place to visit. Fans can sidle up to the actual ball field in Dubuque, Iowa to watch a game. Major League Baseball actually had a tilt there last season.