Kevin Costner Agrees To Do A Christmas Movie After Fan Petition

By Faith McKay | 5 days ago

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Today, audiences have the power to make their voices heard. Celebrities and movie studios are paying more attention to what happens online. When fans of Kevin Costner decided they really needed to see a Christmas movie from the star, they started a petition. While their efforts started off slowly, they did eventually pick up enough traction to get Kevin Costner’s attention. In an interview with Extra, he shared that he would like to do a holiday-themed movie, but that he’ll need the right one.

Kevin Costner doesn’t believe the right script is going to be an easy one to find.

If I do one, I want it to be classic… That’s a difficult one to come upon… Someone is gonna have to write something that elevates itself, and if it does, I’ll do it.

Kevin Costner

It sounds like Kevin Costner’s fans have been issued a new challenge: find the right script. In their petition, the fans wrote that they aren’t necessarily looking for a Hallmark-type Christmas story. They noted that Die Hard is a classic Christmas movie. The story is a thriller where Bruce Willis faces off against Alan Rickman. The events take place during the holidays and also see Bruce Willis’s character make things right with his wife. It’s become a holiday classic, especially for those who aren’t as interested in Hallmark movies. The fans have suggested that something similar might be the right trick to get Costner involved, though the star himself didn’t specify his interests.

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It would be difficult for Kevin Costner to find a Christmas movie script guaranteed to become a classic. It would be hard to imagine that Bruce Willis knew he was making a movie people would rewatch every December when he made Die Hard. Dozens of holiday movies come out every year, and only a few are ever destined to become classics. Movies like Will Ferrell’s Elf are hard-to-find exceptions.

It’ll be interesting to see who in Hollywood is listening. Will a studio be able to convince Kevin Costner that they’ve found the right holiday movie for him to take on? Will his fans take on this challenge and start a new petition with the script they find? Fan campaigns have done many unexpected things, like getting Warner Bros to release Zack Snyder’s Justice League. There’s no telling what fans might do to make their Christmas movie dreams happen.

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