Ken Jennings Riles Fans With Recent Post About Jeopardy! Host Situation

By James Brizuela | Published

ken jennings jeopardy

Jeopardy! is enjoying some great success, as the quiz show just pulled in the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show. That is especially special considering the recent drama that has surrounded the show. Being able to land an Emmy without having an established host has got to feel great. The new executive producer of the show, Michael Davies, also stated that an announcement on the host or hosts would be coming soon. Many believed one of those hosts would be Ken Jennings, who has now fueled that hope with a tweet. You can read the tweet below:

Ken Jennings typed the caption, “Don’t call it a comeback,” which could mean many things. As previously mentioned, Jeopardy! has been in some trouble the past six months or so, so it might be the turning point of winning an Emmy that he is celebrating. Jeopardy! has been needing a big win, and this Emmy might be the turning point for fans to forget about the issues with finding a host after Alex Trebek sadly passed. However, his caption could also mean that he is hinting at his own comeback as host of the show. He had been taking a few months off, with Mayim Bialik taking in the hosting duties, but now he might be ready to take over for an extended period.

Fans have been clamoring for Ken Jennings to return as a more permanent fixture of Jeopardy! and the man might have just needed a vacation before committing to a more expanded role on the show. Davies did mention that there would be hosts though, so Jennings might be getting some help along the way. That could mean that Mayim Bialik is also going to be switching off as host, though she is heavily unfavored by fans for some odd reason. Then again, we could be seeing some surprise faces return as the format of the hosting carousel comes back with Jennings taking the lead. Either way, fans are going to hope for the latter.

Jeopardy! has oddly been bridled in controversy since Mike Richards was set to take over as host, though there were extensive tryouts that happened as part of the previously mentioned hosting carousel. This led fans to believe the search was fake the entire time, with the executive producer just being handed the host duties. Then some sexist comments had been unearthed from Ricahrds, leaving him to exit the show. This led to Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik becoming the de facto hosts, though Jennings took some time off. Quite honestly, enough time has passed that fans deserve to know who is going to take over.

Hopefully, Ken Jennings tweeting about a comeback is indicative of him being asked to permanently host Jeopardy! Even if he is going to be the partial host alongside Mayim Bialik or a slate of other hosts, someone needs to hold a more permanent place. We should find out “very soon.” At least, that is according to Michael Davies, who now runs the show.