Ken Jennings Just Grossed Out Jeopardy! Fans With A Sickening Suggestion

Ken Jennings suggested Jeopardy! fans use pickle juice to cure a hangover.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

Seth Rogan in An American Pickle

Beloved game show Jeopardy! has had its fair share of audience complaints over the last few months, from a shifting hosting schedule to questions being reused shortly after being asked. But, according to The Sun, this week, host Ken Jennings really did Jeopardy! audiences in after he suggested that they try a “nice cold glass of pickle juice” to alleviate a hangover. On topic, the statement came following a question answered correctly by contestant Gwen Lockman that saw the briny liquid as its answer.

Under the “Hair of The Dog” category, the $400 question read: “Nolan Ryan treated blisters with brine, also called this juice, and for internal use, the electrolytes might help your symptoms.” Immediately buzzing in, Lockman, although appearing uncertain of her answer at first, said, “Pickle juice?” Nailing it on her chance for $400, Ken Jennings revealed that this was the correct answer to the Jeopardy! stumper.

While Lockman may have been grossed out by her response, Ken Jennings looked directly at the camera to address those tuning into Jeopardy! at home to tell them that they should try the healing concoction for themselves. This up-close-and-personal message was just moments after he assured Lockman that her answer was correct, restating that the juice was an excellent cure for a pesky hangover. And, while many viewers at home and in the audience were grossed out by Jennings’ suggestion, it’s a well-known fact that pickle juice is packed with electrolytes which will help you bounce back from a night of debauchery.

Although she nabbed the stomach-churning question, Gwen Lockman would come up short on Wednesday’s episode. The installment saw Ken Jennings hosting a showdown between ongoing Jeopardy! champion Stephen Webb, Govind Dandekar, and Lockman, with a battle of the brains quickly ensuing. By the end of the showdown, Webb managed to hold onto his title, raking in $20,000 to tack on to his seven-day total of $175,200.

Ken Jennings on Jeopardy!

Fans were recently elated at the news that beloved host and previous winner, Ken Jennings, would be returning to his Jeopardy! duties after a hiatus. Reclaiming his place behind the podium on March 10, Jennings took over for The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik who has faced criticism and hate from fans of the long-running game show. The news came as a good surprise for audiences as Jennings was not set to return to his hosting gig until September, with Bialik standing at the helm until then. 

Bialik’s tenure as the show’s host has been a bumpy one, with audiences theorizing and complaining that she would be moving into a full-time position. With hate pouring out of every corner of the fandom, Bialik has been blamed for a slew of mishandlings with many beyond her control. Now with Ken Jennings back in the saddle, it seems that Jeopardy! fans have calmed down a bit and are ready to return to the beloved game show.

But with his recent tip to audiences, it’s clear that even Ken Jennings can’t win them all as the Jeopardy! host made a lot of people cringe in disbelief with his pickle juice suggestion. However, the next time you’re prepping for a long hike or a marathon, or just trying to recover from the worst hangover of your life, we bet you’ll remember Jennings’ helpful words and open the refrigerator door to take your chance on the briny elixir.