Kelly Marie Tran Joining The Marvel Universe?

Here's what Kelly Marie Tran has to say about joining Marvel.

By Faith McKay | Published

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There was a time when most of the headlines surrounding Kelly Marie Tran were a little sad. They were about how she was harassed online, or about how her character, Rose Tico, didn’t get a fitting ending in Rise of Skywalker. She became a leading example of how to deal with hate from Star Wars fans. None of those experiences seem to have kept her down though. When she talks about them, she discusses how the obstacles taught her a lot about her career. How she learned about the different things she can, and can’t, control as an actress when it comes to the final story. And now, she continues working and charging ahead.

In a recent interview with, Kelly Marie Tran was asked whether she would consider working on a Marvel movie. “I just want to do things I didn’t think I could do,” she explained. “I didn’t think I could be in Star Wars and I didn’t think I could be in Raya and doing things I thought were impossible have been a really big impetus for me and I want to keep doing that.”

Star Wars is perhaps Kelly Marie Tran’s most well-known role today, which was with Disney. Then, she voiced the main character for Raya and the Last Dragon, also for Disney. A transition to a role for Marvel would make sense as a next impossible thing for the actress to tackle. Right now, she is doing interviews to promote Summertime, a positive movie coming out opposite Black Widow on July 9th. Tran worked as an executive producer on the movie. Tran didn’t specify whether she saw herself working as an actress or a producer on a Marvel project. It would make sense that both may interest her. As she realized on Star Wars that she couldn’t control the story around Rose Tico as an actress, it would make sense that she is now interested in work as a producer where she may have more say in how the story unfolds.

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Is it likely we’ll see Kelly Marie Tran join Marvel? In the interview, she’s careful to say that she views it as a big challenge and that she’s be enthusiastically in for it. And these days, she is doing a lot of different things with her career and tackling big projects. However, the actress is keenly aware of the intensity of fandom from her experience with Star Wars, so it makes sense that she may want to avoid any discussion where she says what character or movie she would be interested in at Marvel or what kinds of projects she may want to take on. Her experience would likely mean that she’ll keep her cards close to her vest.

At the same time, as she steadily keeps working on new projects, it seems entirely possible that Kelly Marie Tran may end up joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point. She’s attracted to positive stories. She’s known to Star Wars fans, with a lot of crossover to Marvel films. Having worked on both Star Wars and Raya, she has contacts at Disney. These all seem like great reasons to believe that at some point, Marvel may be hiring Kelly Marie Tran.

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