See Keke Palmer As A Sexy Version Of X-Men’s Rogue

Keke Palmer does great cosplay as Rogue.

By Joshua Jones | Published

Actress Keke Palmer recently posted photos and video of herself as the famed X-Men character Rogue. Palmer included a caption saying that in fans’ Marvel universe, “she will always be Rogue.” Of course, this led to speculation online whether the Nope actress could be in the running to appear as the character in an upcoming MCU project.

Keke Palmer’s Instagram video hilariously poked fun at behind-the-scenes visual effects of superhero movies. After Palmer’s Rogue video took the internet by storm, Batwoman star Javicia Leslie got into the fun by posting an Instagram video of herself as, well, Storm. The actress donned Storm’s signature white hair and rocked a black and gold costume.

Although Keke Palmer is just playing with her friends, the obvious question is whether she would be a great fit to play Rogue in the MCU’s version of the X-Men. It’s still unknown if Kevin Feige wants to either recast the X-Men entirely or cherry-pick actors from the Fox X-Men universe. In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we saw that Feige is willing to bring back familiar faces from the Fox X-Men universe and use them, albeit sparingly, to further the greater MCU story.

Feige is even bringing back Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine one last time in Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynolds. The possibilities are seemingly endless at Marvel. However, it makes sense to focus more on establishing a new incarnation of X-Men featuring Keke Palmer than trying to fit one established universe into another. While its great fans got to witness Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire swing into action in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the reality is that it was probably a one-shot deal and was needed for that particular multiverse story.

keke palmer
Keke Palmer in Scream Queens

Marvel may want to hire actors to fill out their own X-Men roster and not worry about having to recon a story already told in another studio. Plus, hiring a talented actress like Keke Palmer would be another feather in Marvel’s cap.

Keke Palmer recently starred in director Jordan Peele’s sci-fi horror film Nope. The film grossed $171 million worldwide and received generally favorable reviews from critics who adored its ambition, cinematography, and Peele’s direction. Palmer worked alongside actor Daniel Kaluuya, who couldn’t reprise his role as W’Kabi in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever due to his starring in Peele’s film.

Keke Palmer also was in the news lately for calling out Bill Murray’s alleged inappropriate behavior. The actress was supposed to star alongside Murray in a film called Being Mortal, but the project was subsequently suspended because of Murray’s behavior on set. Reports have emerged that suggested Murray straddled a “much younger” female production assistant and kissed her on the mouth. Palmer later told Variety that the film needed a “major rewrite” following the controversy surrounding Murray.

Hopefully, Keke Palmer has put all the drama behind her and is looking forward to a glorious future as an actress. Maybe someday she will join the MCU and appear as Rogue. If she does, it will be a day fans of the actress will remember for quite some time.