See Keanu Reeves Reveal His Reaction To Surprise Return For The Matrix Resurrections

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

Matrix Keanu Reeves

It’s been a while since audiences saw Keanu Reeves in the third Matrix movie. The Matrix Revolutions, the third movie for the franchise, was released in theaters in 2003. Those who have seen the movie and remember it well may be confused as to how Keanu Reeves is returning for a fourth movie. Despite the rampant marketing for the movie, this is a question audiences don’t yet know the answer to. Recently, The Graham Norton Show had the star on for a brief interview leading up to the release of The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth movie for the franchise. The show’s host cut right to the heart of the matter and asked the star how it is that he’s going to be appearing in a fourth movie. Keanu Reeves deftly answered the question by sharing how he, too, had questions about that.

While Keanu Reeves doesn’t share what happens in the fourth Matrix movie, he did share his own reaction to the script for The Matrix Resurrections. See his answer in the video below.

Keanu Reeves has been doing a lot of interviews lately. It’s assumed he may be in another time zone while doing the video interview for The Graham Norton Show, which may explain the actor’s exhaustion. However, there is something funny about him saying the name for the third Matrix movie, The Matrix Revolutions, instead of the fourth film, The Matrix Resurrections. If he was less tired, he may have made a joke about there being a glitch in the Matrix on that one.

From what the actor said, it sounds as though the idea of working with the same people and doing another Matrix film was always appealing. However, like the audience, he, too, had no idea how he could possibly return. Keanu Reeves hasn’t been afraid to turn down sequels in the past. While definitely not as career-impacting as The Matrix, he looked at the script for Speed 2 and turned it down when he thought it was just too far-fetched. Knowing that he read the script for The Matrix: Resurrections and decided it was beautiful and worth doing before he signed on for the film will hopefully be heartening for fans concerned about the story picking up after Neo’s apparent death in Revolutions. And from what he said writer and director Lana Wachowski told him, it sounds like his death at the end of the third movie may be in question.

Of course, for some fans, that could cause more doubts. The first movie in the franchise was very popular. Fans were more mixed in their reactions to the second and third films. Many articles have explored the way that Revolutions could set up Keanu Reeves’s return in The Matrix: Resurrections without ruining the third movie’s ending, where Neo made a great sacrifice. It’s going to be interesting for fans to see the story in the upcoming film and decide whether they agree with Keanu Reeves when he said the script was beautiful.

The Matrix: Resurrections releases on HBO Max and in movie theaters on December 22, 2021.