Keanu Reeves Is The Next Batman?

By James Brizuela | Published

keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves is technically the next Batman. The beloved actor is taking on the role of The Dark Knight when he voices the famed DC character in the new animated feature, DC League of Super-Pets. However, while on the press tour for the upcoming film, Reeves also mentioned that it would “be a dream” if he could take on the role of The Caped Crusader sometime in the future. He also added, “Pattinson’s got Batman right now, and he’s doing awesome. Maybe down the road. Maybe when they need an older Batman.” We would not be the only ones that would love to see the man take on one of the most dynamic comic book characters.

Considering that Keanu Reeves wants to take on the role of an elder Bruce Wayne/Batman role, he could theoretically fit in nicely with the upcoming multiverse storylines happening. We know that Michael Keaton is returning in this role for Batgirl and The Flash, but what about bringing in Flashpoint Paradox? That storyline was briefly mentioned during Batman v Superman, though it was not fully fleshed out. Essentially, The Flash wakes up in a much different world where Bruce Wayne is dead, and Thomas Wayne is Batman. Imagine Reeves in the role of a tortured father who lost his son, but has now taken over as Batman? That would be amazing.

We can also see Keanu Reeves stepping into the role of an elder Batman from The Dark Knight Returns storyline. Again, this story had been briefly explored in Batman v Superman, but it wasn’t fully fleshed out. Bruce Wayne is a much older man in the arc, and he comes out of retirement after the world essentially turns Superman into a false idol and a cult appears. Batman must now stop his former ally and friend. Reeves would fit nicely in that type of story. Another random thought is if the story of Batman Beyond were to ever make into live-action, Reeves could take on the role of aging Bruce Wayne as he mentors the next young and hip version of Batman. This is all just wishful thinking, but any of these storylines would be great.

For now, we do get to see Keanu Reeves as the voice Batman in DC League of Super-Pets, which is a step in the right direction. Also, as Reeves stated, Pattison has already done a great job with the rebooted film that is likely to turn into another trilogy. We want to see where Matt Reeves takes the story next. Now the Penguin is on the rise and the Joker and Riddler are going to team up, it’s going to be hell in Gotham for Batman. The sequel to The Batman should be quite fantastic.

Keanu Reeves does play Batman in DC League of Super-Pets, which is set to debut on July 29th. While we all imagine every type of scenario where Reeves could step into the role of Bruce Wayne, at least we get to hear his version of Batman’s voice when the new animated feature comes out in just 11 days. Should Reeves go from portraying Neo to John Wick and Batman, it would make him the ultimate action star in cinema history. Hollywood, please make this happen.