Keanu Reeves Officially Set To Star In A Superhero Movie

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

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Keanu Reeves already has plenty of superhero chops on screen though I’m not sure that’s necessarily sometimes how people see the guy. Heck, he has tons of blockbuster and groundbreaking action films on the books with his character having most if not all of the requisite superhero powers. But we just don’t often think of him exactly in the superhero light. He’s an anomaly in this way. But the dude is now about to take on a definitive superhero role right out of the pages of a comic book. Reeves is going to star in BRZRKR on Netflix. 

The streaming platform recently acquired the rights to BRZRKR which is based on the comic book of the same name which follows the hero Berzerker. One of the reasons it was easy to get Keanu Reeves into the title role for the film is that he actually created the comic book. Along with writer Matt Kindt, the two came up with the character, background and ultimately the entire story as well. So in this way, the character is at least close to home for Reeves when it comes to getting into the part. 

And Netflix is going all-in with this character. Not only will they get the feature film with Keanu Reeves in the lead role, but there’s going to be an anime series as well. Get used to seeing the BRZRKR name popping up a lot on the streaming platform over the next couple of years. There seems a definitive plan to work this into some sort of franchise for Netflix, possibly even one of their tentpole names in this new, and competitive landscape of comic book names coming to the screen. 

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The BRZRKR comic book series basically just hit the market earlier this month with the first issue released on March 4. 2021. The character, marketed as an immortal warrior, has a striking resemblance to Keanu Reeves just in look and brooding demeanor to begin with. It’s clear they took his likeness to shape the outline of the character on the page. Whether this was done as a marketing strategy for later (or sooner in this case) isn’t totally clear (it’s totally clear). But in the end they are going to dovetail the works on the page into a major film on the biggest streaming platform. 

The comic book was published through Boom! Studios which handles graphic novels and has a couple of other notable feature films come from its pages, like 2013’s 2 Guns. This latest one though is likely their most high-profile work to date to hit the screen especially considering they have one of the biggest names in the industry in Keanue Reeves leading the way. 

As for Keanu Reeves, before he starts going berserk all over Netflix, this guy has plenty of high profile movies in the pipeline right now. It’s one of the best lists out there really. First off, there’s Matrix 4 coming out which is coming out later this year on December 22. In that he’ll play the superhero Neo of course, in a much-anticipated return to that franchise. And then there are two more superhero movies with John Wick: Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 coming out in the next couple of years as well. 

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Again, Keanu Reeves has been playing superheros for years now. Just not your conventional ones. This takes him a little closer to the latter path, coming right from the illustrated pages.