Keanu Reeves Replacing Kevin Costner On Yellowstone?

Keanu Reeves says he would love to guest star on Yellowstone.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

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Fans of the hit series Yellowstone have dealt with a tumultuous couple of months with many rumors circulating around the show. Many even feared the series could have ended permanently over disputes between Kevin Costner and the production team over the show’s filming schedule. According to Yahoo Entertainment, a recent teaser from The Matrix actor Keanu Reeves has some fans hoping that he could be replacing Kevin Costner in the series in the future. 

Of course, that is unlikely and nothing official has yet been announced involving Keanu Reeves replacing Kevin Coster or even appearing on the show. However, the actor has teased his interest in joining the series as a guest star. In an interview, when asked about guest-starring on Yellowstone he responded with “I’d love to do a western.” 

Lately, rumors have been circulating that Kevin Costner could be leaving the show after the fifth season, airing later this year. The actor has gotten into disagreements over the show’s production schedule, leading to a shaky future for the series. Kevin Costner reportedly caused a rift in the filming schedule when he repeatedly asked to film for only one week for the second half of season five.

yellowstone kevin costner

It appears not much has been set in stone yet, however, actor Cole Hauser has noted a sixth and seventh season could be coming in the future. Keanu Reeves replacing Kevin Costner would not be the craziest idea, with Taylor Sheridan himself looking to create a Yellowstone spin-off series with Matthew McConaughey as the lead. Some reports have confirmed the new series, making it likely that fans could see it coming to Paramount+ sometime in the future. 

It would have to be ultimately up to Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan if Keanu Reeves will make an appearance on the show. However, the creator has had no problem working with a star-studded cast in the past. For the Yellowstone spin-off 1923, he gathered Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, and Timothy Dalton for the show. 

While fans can not expect to see Keanu Reeves replacing Kevin Costner any time soon, it’s possible they can expect to see the actor beside John Dutton. However, some speculate that the John Wick actor would more likely appear in the spin-off series 1883 or 1923, as they have a more authentic western feel he is looking for than the modern-day show Yellowstone. 

Many fans would be equally excited to see Keanu Reeves appearing beside Kevin Costner’s John Dutton. The decision would ultimately be up to Taylor Sheridan, so for now fans can turn to him to see if he decides to do anything about Keanu Reeves’ interest in the series. 

While Keanu Reeves fans may not be able to see him taking on Kevin Costner’s John Dutton any time soon, there is still a lot to be excited about. Keanu Reeves’ upcoming film John Wick: Chapter 4, after years of being pushed back, is set to hit theaters later this month. The highly-anticipated fourth installment in the franchise is set to follow the legendary hitman as he travels the world looking to take out the High Table and fans cannot wait.