See Keanu Reeves Wield A New Type Of Weapon In First Look At John Wick 4

Keanu Reeves upcoming John Wick 4 promises to continue expanding the assassin's bloody path of revenge, and thanks to a new teaser image, this time he has nunchakus.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

John Wick was a surprise hit, which is odd to say now, but back in 2014 very little was known about the film before it was released. Strong word of mouth, universally praising the film for its back to basics approach, made it the runaway hit of the year. Now 8 years later, CBR reports that Keanu Reeves has picked up a few new tricks, and at least one new weapon, for the upcoming John Wick 4.

The party loving Ninja Turtle would be proud to see Keanu Reeves wielding a set of nunchakus in the latest John Wick 4 image. A traditional Chinese agricultural tool, later re-purposed as an anti-calvary weapon against the Mongolian horde, nunchakus are now a popular martial arts weapon. Of course, as the Baba Yaga has shown over the three prior movies, everything becomes a weapon in his hands.

The original John Wick saw the titular assassin come out of retirement, following the brutal murder of his dog at the hands of Iosef Tarsaov, played by Game of Thrones Alfie Allen, with Keanu Reeve’s resulting rampage of revenge throwing off the delicate balance in the criminal underworld, ana ct he’s still paying for in John Wick 4. A deep lore was only hinted at in the first movie, primarily through Lance Reddick’s Charon, concierge of The Continental Hotel, and Ian McShane’s Winston Scott, owner of the hotel, but clearly involved much, much deeper in the world of assassins.

The following two films went deeper into the fascinating background of the John Wick universe, including the introduction in John Wick 3 of The Ballerinas, assassin trainees that will be further explored in an upcoming spin-off starring Ana de Armas. In the second film, John Wick commits murder on the neutral ground of the Manhattan Continental Hotel, while the third film explodes into all-out war between multiple factions of the underground assassin network. Keanu Reeves amazingly physical performance, tempered by quiet moments of raw emotion, continues into John Wick 4, promising to bring the war to a fever pitch.

keanue reeves john wick
Keanu Reeves as John Wick

Keanu Reeves already had one hit action franchise with The Matrix, though if John Wick 4 follows the amazingly successful pattern of the previous movies, John Wick could be his most profitable series. The first film earned $88 million worldwide, the second topped that with $171 million, while the third defied decades of Hollywood history by continuing to increase the box office haul with an eye-popping $326 million. If the fourth film can beat $326 million, the franchise will be in exclusive Hollywood company.

Lions Gate Entertainment, the studio behind the franchise, clearly has high hopes for Keanu Reeves’ John Wick 4, preparing not only the Ballerinas spinoff, but also a Continental Hotel prequel starring a younger version of Charon and introducing Mel Gibson as Cormac, a mysterious character with an unknown background. John Wick Chapter 4 arrives on March 24, while Ballerina and Peacock exclusive streaming series The Continental Hotel have no announced release dates as of yet. Place your bets on what weapons John Wick will use to crave a path of destruction through another army of criminals, he’s already used a pencil, a horse, and a book, so maybe this will finally be the movie that he uses a rubber chicken.