Keanu Reeves May Still Play Ghost Rider, Even If He’s Kraven

By Hayden Mears | 3 months ago

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Keanu Reeves has long been one of Hollywood’s hottest names, and his popularity probably won’t be fizzling anytime soon. Between the brutal, brilliant John Wick franchise, the recent Bill and Ted sequel, and pretty much every role he takes on, Reeves is one of the industry’s most versatile actors. He can kick butt as effectively as he can deliver lines, which honestly makes him the perfect fit for more than one prominent Marvel character. And now, if recent word is to be believed, he has some pretty attractive options within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Insider Daniel Richtman brings word that Keanu Reeves is willing to play Ghost Rider despite his rumored role as Kraven the Hunter. To those who slept on Nicholas Cage’s abysmal pair of Ghost Rider movies, this probably won’t mean much. But to fans who are desperate for a quality interpretation of a fun character, this could be a really big deal. Take this with a grain of salt because nothing has been confirmed. If true, it is still really exciting!

Ghost Rider, also known as Johnny Blaze (super on the nose, I know), was created by Roy Thomas, Mike Ploog, and Gary Friedrich, first appeared in 1972’s Marvel Spotlight #5. Several other characters have taken the Ghost Rider name, but Blaze was the first and most notable. It is unclear if Keanu Reeves will play Blaze, Danny Ketch, or Marvel NOW!’s Robbie Reyes. No matter whose boots he ends up stepping into, he will absolutely do a phenomenal job. Heck, I would love to see him do some brutal, stylized action for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Gabriel Luna portrayed Robbie Reyes in the long-running Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is also set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and stars the once-dead Phil Coulson. With that in mind, though, it may be better for Keanu Reeves to portray Johnny Blaze so that Luna can return to the role. Maybe Kevin Feige and the big wigs over at Marvel and Disney can find a nice way to tie it all together. Marvel is reportedly still desperate to have Nicholas Cage return to the role, but hopefully, the studio considers Reeves for the role instead. He would be a much better fit and would bring a level of charisma to the character that Nicholas Cage didn’t (not that he couldn’t, because he really could).

As it turns out, though Keanu Reeves is not the only actor rumored to be double-dipping in Marvel casting. Vin Diesel is reportedly the front runner to play Black Bolt in an Inhumans movie, but that, like this news, is still merely a rumor. Take it as such.

In terms of what Keanu has coming up in the near future, there is Matrix, the fourth entry in the Matrix franchise and one of this year’s most highly-anticipated new releases, and The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run. He also recently appeared as Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4 and as the iconic Ted Logan in Bill and Ted Face the Music.