Keanu Reeves’ Constantine 2 Suddenly Canceled?

Warner Bros. has ended rumors of Keanu Reeves' Constantine 2 by saying it's not happening.

By Britta DeVore | Published

To say that fans responded enthusiastically to the news that Keanu Reeves would return to the DC universe for a Constantine 2 would be an understatement. When the news first broke, it was all that those of us who loved the John Wick star’s portrayal of John Constantine in 2005 could talk about, and now Warner Bros. is giving us more to talk about but in the worst way possible. According to a scoop from insider KC Walsh, who has since deleted the rumor-making tweet, the sequel “is not happening.”

Things have certainly been shaking up in the world of DC Studios with James Gunn and Peter Safran recently taking over the reins and making some major changes. According to Walsh, the move to put Keanu Reeves back in the black duster and suit in Constantine 2 was only set into motion because they were unsure of where the studio was going after 2023. In short, it was “greenlit in desperation” with those at the top hoping that it would put more butts in the theater seats for the flailing comic book universe. 

With Safran and Gunn at the head of the studio, the Keanu Reeves-led Constantine 2 isn’t the only film in trouble. Of course, Warner Bros. has been wildly axing their content since their merger with Discovery several months ago, taking away titles that included the much talked about and already completed Batgirl. More recently, the studio has announced plans to no longer move forward with Doom Patrol, Titans, and Pennyworth and has completely shaken up the faces behind iconic superheroes like Henry Cavill’s Superman.

With every step back and recalculation, Gunn, Safran, and the rest of the team at DC Studios have put forth fresh ideas to get the company back on its feet. While we may not see Keanu Reeves in Constantine 2 anytime soon, there’s always the chance that they’ll recycle him for an upcoming production. Amidst the wreckage of cancelation after cancelation, fans were thrilled to find out that they can expect a slew of new content headed their way including two new Batman movies, a new Man of Steel feature titled Superman: Legacy, and a Viola Davis-led series centered on her character Amanda Waller, aptly titled Waller

And despite fans’ upset at the drop in the probability of seeing Keanu Reeves in Constantine 2, we can’t be too angry knowing that we’ll soon spot the actor back in one of his most beloved roles as gun-slinging assassin John Wick. First, he’ll star in the film franchise’s fourth installment, John Wick: Chapter 4 which will crash its way into theaters just next month on March 24. The movie will center on John’s battle with the High Table to reclaim his freedom while simultaneously destroying a new enemy who has some unexpected allies. 

And even if DC Studios wanted him, Keanu Reeves may just be too busy for Constantine 2 as he’s currently filming alongside Ana de Armas for the John Wick spinoff feature, Ballerina. Developed from the character first introduced in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum the film will see de Armas as the titular dancer by day and assassin by night who’s on a quest to find the group responsible for murdering her family and making them pay. While we don’t know a release date for this one quite yet, we know that Reeves and de Armas are currently working hard for their paychecks by filming the intricate fighting scenes that we all know and love from the franchise.