Kathryn Hahn Joining Star-Studded Netflix Sequel

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

kathryn hahn

Kathryn Hahn is starting to show up everywhere these days with the talented comedic actress able to command the screen in all kinds of roles. And it looks like she’ll have a chance to join another big-budget, highly-anticipated sequel in what looks like a budding franchise. Deadline is reporting that Hahn has been cast in the Knives Out sequel and will join Daniel Craig and others in the cast. It’s looking to be another star-studded ensemble cast after Netflix grabbed the rights to the film. 

This latest news about Kathryn Hahn continues to set expectations very high for Knives Out 2 which is heading to Netflix as part of a major deal for director Rian Johnson. It’s unclear what Hahn’s role will be in the next murder mystery, but judging by the tone of the original, she should fit right in. Her devilish smile, sarcastic delivery and ability to bring a comedic element even in darker surroundings should play perfectly in this next movie if the first one is any proxy. 

kathryn hahn

And we know Kathryn Hahn has these kinds of chops, able to thread together laughs along with a darker side after her work on Disney+’s WandaVision. She played Agatha Harkness who begins the series as just plain-old Agnes, a neighbor looking to get into Wanda and Viz’s life much in the way we’d see from those early 60s sitcoms. But her innocent smile and neighborhood front-running actually hid a darker secret. She is actually a witch looking to take Wanda’s powers after being excommunicated from the order. It doesn’t work but it did let on to Hahn’s ability in this space. 

In Knives Out 2 Kathryn Hahn will be joining Daniel Craig who will reprise his role as Detective Benoit Blanc from the original. That film had him solving the murder of Harlan Thrombey while investigating the family and friends of the wealthy author. This whodunit had a fantastic cast and ended up being one of the true surprise hits of the past couple of years. But because of the way the story was laid out, returning many of the “original” characters isn’t possible, meaning we are getting a whole new group of folks for this next mystery. 

kathryn hahn

And this next group of talent could be as great as the first. That one included names like Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ana de Armas, Don Johnson, and Michael Shannon among many others. This next one, in addition to Kathryn Hahn already also has Edward Norton Jr., David Bautista, and Janelle Monae signed on. There are sure to be others. 

While Kathryn Hahn isn’t joining a movie with the funding of those flicks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it could be damn close. Netflix bought the rights for the next two Knives Out movies at a price tag of over $400 million dollars. The first one snagged $300+ million at the box office on its $40 million budget so there’s already been a lot of upside. Here’s to hoping this next one follows suit. Judging by the early casting news, it should be another hit.