A Kate Hudson Movie Is Now Free To Watch Online

By Rick Gonzales | 1 month ago

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Kate Hudson has been in numerous romantic comedies throughout her nearly 25-year career. One of those rom-coms can be seen for free on IMDb TV.

My Best Friend’s Girl is a 2008 romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson as Alexis opposite Jason Biggs (American Pie franchise) and comedian Dane Cook. The story centers on Cook, who plays Tank, a helpline operator who also employs a strange hobby. If a guy loses his girl but wants to get back with her, he calls Tank. Tank then gets paid to take these girls on a bad date, showing them that they had it much better with their previous boyfriend.

Tank is a pro at acting horribly on dates. His skill is legendary. Tank lives with his step-cousin Dustin, who finds himself in love with his co-worker Alexis. Dustin takes her out on a date but during the date and after Dustin confesses his love for her, she breaks his heart by telling him they should remain just friends.

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When Dustin relays the story to Tank, Tank offers his services for free to Dustin. But Dustin turns him down, not wanting Tank to get close to Alexis (Kate Hudson). But Dustin sees Alexis flirting with another co-worker, so he finally accepts Tank’s offer.

Tank, being Tank, does his thing. The problem here is that Alexis ended up being too drunk to care how bad Tank behaved. In fact, when he drops her off at home, Alexis expects Tank to follow her inside. Tank resists though, not wanting to cross that line with someone Dustin is interested in.

Eventually, Dane Cook and Kate Hudson’s characters do hook-up. More than once. What they planned on being just casual sex is starting to turn into something more. Tank is losing his edge because he is falling for Alexis. But Dustin finds out that the two are sleeping together and has it out with Tank. After the big fight, they both go their separate ways.

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Tank is unsure, given his horrible past, if he deserves Alexis. When he talks to his father (Alec Baldwin) about her, he concludes he doesn’t, so he sabotages their relationship. Leave it up to Dustin to try to convince him that yes, Tank does deserve true love. But is it with Alexis?

Kate Hudson was in the middle of a string of popular movies when she made My Best Friend’s Girl. She was coming off the mystery The Skeleton Key as well as You, Me and Dupree as well as Fool’s Gold when she took on Dane Cook and Jason Biggs. She then followed that up with another popular film, Bride Wars.

Unfortunately for Kate Hudson, Dane Cook, and Jason Biggs, My Best Friend’s Girl was not as well-received as they had hoped. Howard Deutch, whose resume includes some great comedies such as Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful, and Grumpier Old Men, took on the directing duties for the film, which was scripted by Jordan Cahan.

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While the Kate Hudson film brought in nearly $42 million at the box office on its $20 million budget, it was blasted by critics. David Nusair of Reel Films Reviews said the film “ultimately falls prey to the melodramatic silliness that one has come to expect from the romantic comedy genre.” Christopher Tookey of the Daily Mail liked the film even less remarking, “This is one of those films that would be enormously improved by the arrival of 100 crazy Somali pirates who would proceed to take the entire cast hostage.”

Kate Hudson is the daughter of Academy Award winner Goldie Hawn and actor, musician, and comedian Bill Hudson. She is sister to actor Oliver Hudson and actor Wyatt Russell is her half-brother. Hudson had a few features before she hit it big with the 2000 Cameron Crowe movie, Almost Famous. Early on, she was compared to her mother not only physically but also for her comedic style.

As her career began to blossom throughout the 2000s, she stayed mainly with the rom-com genre. From time to time she has ventured out from the rom-com and also spent some time on the TV series Glee.

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When Kate Hudson is not in front of the cameras, she is busy with her line of workout clothes and activewear she calls Fabletics. The popular line has been on the market for nearly a decade.

To see Kate Hudson in My Best Friend’s Girl for free on IMDB TV, just follow the link. If you don’t already have an account with IMDB TV, you can create a free one, a simple task that takes but a few minutes. Don’t listen to the critics, they are often wrong. Check it out yourself and let us know what you think.