Kat Dennings Will Do More Marvel Projects After WandaVision

Kat Dennings made her return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in WandaVision and will have a larger MCU role moving forward

By Doug Norrie | Published

kat dennings wandavision

Kat Dennings had been part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at one point, but it felt like her one role was probably the end of the line. After all, it had been more than seven years since she appeared at all on screen for the franchise, so we’d be forgiven to not expect her to return at any point. But this is Marvel we are talking about and no character or actor is ever truly gone. They are simply on hiatus until we see them again. That is the case with Dennings who not only made a comeback in WandaVision but according to insider Daniel Richtman, will be back for more Marvel Cinematic Universe productions moving forwkard. 

With Kat Dennings reprising her Darcy Lewis character from Thor and Thor: The Dark World it appears the studio wants to keep her around for future projects. This makes a lot of sense considering she’s able to bring a certain “normalcy” to the screen in both her work on WandaVision as well as what she did in the Thor movies.

For a larger universe that’s often crowded with superpowers and oddities, Kat Dennings as Lewis offers something of a grounding effect. The actress pulls it off perfectly with both a quiet confidence as well as a slight comedic tone that plays really well in this space. 

kat dennings wandavision

With the reintroduction of S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient Weapons Operations Response Division) as the group investigating the oddities of the WandaVision world, it stood to reason we could get some of the old band back together, Kat Dennings included. We already know Natalie Portman is set to reprise her Jane Foster role in Thor: Love and Thunder so bringing her old intern Lewis back into the mix helps the continued consistency within the Marvel Universe. 

Kat Dennings is now credited with six episodes of WandaVision (only two have aired) so we know her story arc is far from over here. And in a recent interview she let on that she’s already filmed a number of other Marvel projects that don’t include Thor: Love and Thunder. She didn’t let on about any more specifics, saying she wasn’t at liberty to divulge the movies or shows, but it’s clear she’s now an active part of a number of different plot points and arcs. Again, this is a good thing because as the Marvel Universe expands it’s going to be important to bring on more folks who operate outside of the hero/ superpower structure. It helps give balance to a larger world. 

WandaVision is about halfway through its first season run on Disney+. It’s received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics who’ve enjoyed the divergent nature of its storytelling and the lack of adherence to what’s put the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the map all these years. The show is very much its own thing though is starting to weave back in those larger, MCU narratives. Kat Dennings is a part of that process and it’s cool to know she’ll be around for this program and beyond.

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