Karl Urban Addresses Replacing Hugh Jackman As Wolverine

By James Brizuela | 1 week ago

karl urban star trek

There is likely no one more popular than Karl Urban right now, at least when it comes to comic book adaptations. The man is seeing some massive popularity due to his portrayal of Billy Butcher on The Boys. He was also recently interviewed about potentially reprising his best role and returning to another comic book adaptation, Judge Dredd. Now he is constantly being asked to take one of the most coveted roles in the MCU, Wolverine.

When Karl Urban had been asked about the rumors of being cast as Wolverine, he had this to say, “Oh really? It’s flattering, but you have to rationally think about it. I’m what, two years younger than Hugh Jackman? I mean, if I was a studio looking to cast someone as Wolverine, I’d pick someone I’ll get three films out of. You’re not going to get three films out of Karl Urban unless you want a 65-year-old Wolverine.” That is a funny joke, and he is not lying. Urban is not much younger than Hugh Jackman, and after 17 years of playing the character, Jackman called it quits. He likely left the character behind to move on in his career, but probably left the character due to the stringent toll on his body from having to take on such a violent character.

Hugh Jackman gave up the claws when Logan premiered in 2017. Since then, there hasn’t been any sort of casting to bring back one of the most popular Marvel characters. There have been plenty of rumors. Daniel Radcliffe, Taron Egerton, Keanu Reeves, and now Karl Urban. If we are being honest, Urban would be a fantastic choice, but he is much older than the other two gentlemen listed here. The same goes for Reeves. He is a truly celebrated actor, but he is also getting up there in age. There have been a lot more choices and rumors, but these are the biggest actors that have been attached to Wolverine the most.

The entire X-Men rights have also reverted to Marvel after Disney purchased Fox. The world is patiently waiting to see them incorporated into the MCU once and for all. They have sort of done that as Scarlet Witch is a mutant in the comics, but she is a witch in the films, so that sort of counts. Also, Professor Xavier made his multiverse debut in Doctor Strange 2 to the delight of many fans. He was mercilessly killed, but he did still appear. That was just a step in the right direction for the X-Men to return fully. Karl Urban could also play an alternate version of Wolverine, if only for a moment. That would be some good fan service right there.

Karl Urban is going to be busy though, as previously mentioned, he is the star of The Boys. The show has seen some massive popularity on Amazon Video, and the third season of the show airs in two days. From there, we may be seeing the man reprise his role as Judge Dredd in that new reboot series. He was coy when asked about that rumor as well, but hopefully, the creators realize how good he was in the Dredd film from 2012. Who knows, maybe we might see the man take over for Hugh Jackman and take one of the angriest characters in comic continuity, apart from The Hulk that is.