Karen Gillan Getting Her Own Spinoff Franchise?

By Drew Dietsch | 5 months ago

karen gillan jumanji

Karen Gillan has certainly been one of the best elements of this new era to the Jumanji franchise. She has been funny, charming, and kickass in both feature films and we expect her to be equally enjoyable in Jumanji 3. But, maybe Jumanji 3 isn’t happening. In fact, if a new report ends up being true, it sounds like the actress could be headlining her own adventure in this cinematic universe.

Insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that a spinoff to Jumanji that would focus on Karen Gillan’s character is currently in development. This is a surprising turn of events but we think we might have reason to believe this rumor could be true. Recently, we reported that Dwayne Johnson was possibly asking for one of the largest paydays of all time for his role in Jumanji 3. Could Sony be considering a new direction for the franchise that doesn’t include Dwayne Johnson so that they don’t have to meet his payday demands?

That is one way to look at this possible Karen Gillan spinoff. It could also be a negotiating tactic by Sony. If they show that they are willing to pursue other avenues for the Jumanji franchise that don’t feature Dwayne Johnson, he might reconsider his asking price and bring it down to a level that Sony can agree upon. This spinoff could be a bargaining chip that Sony is using against Dwayne Johnson. If that ends up being the case, that is a real bummer for Karen Gillan. Having her be nothing more than a pawn in contract negotiations is a pretty devious tactic.

karen gillan

On the other hand, it could be that Karen Gillan has the best opportunity at leading a Jumanji spinoff of some sort. It would be interesting to see how that would apply to her character since she is a physical manifestation inside of a magical game. Would she be brought out into the real world and act more like her typical fictional character self? In the movies, the character Ruby Roundhouse has always been inhabited by the player Martha Kaply. Would this spinoff show us what the actual Ruby Roundhouse is like? Or would she once again be under the control of Martha?

Whatever route the studio would decide to take with this possible spinoff, there is no question that Karen Gillan would do an excellent job. She has more than proven herself over these two Jumanji films to be a capable, enjoyable, and exciting lead character. Throw on her work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Nebula and there is no debate about her acting prowess, especially when it comes to action movie roles. If a Ruby Roundhouse spinoff did take place, you can bet Gillan would knock it out of the park.

We will have to wait and see if this rumor has legs. Could Karen Gillan end up becoming the new figurehead of the Jumanji franchise? Or will Dwayne Johnson still be front and center when Jumanji 3 rolls around? Only time will tell.