Kanye West Is Furious With Netflix Over The Documentary About Him

By Douglas Helm | 4 months ago

kanye west

Uh oh, looks like Kanye West’s new Netflix doc is hitting a snag right before the finish line. The upcoming documentary Jeen-Yuhs is due to screen at Sundance on January 23rd and stream on Netflix in February. However, it looks like Ye is wanting a final say before the release. Check out his Instagram post asking for the final cut below:

That’s pretty cut and dry. And not too surprising either. Kanye West is known for being meticulous and an absolute perfectionist. Just look at his 2016 album The Life of Pablo. Ye released that album on streaming services and then continued to change and update songs as they were publically available. The man is dedicated to his craft. This is far from the only example, as numerous musical collaborators have stated how committed West is to creating the best version of songs in the studio. It’s no wonder that he would want the final say in the release of a documentary about him.

It’s especially understandable because this isn’t just a small, throwaway documentary. The documentary is in three parts and covers over 20 years of Kanye West’s life. In the doc, we’ll get to see West work his way up through the rap game — making his name as a producer, finding fame as a rapper and artist, pivoting to business ventures, and becoming a worldwide phenomenon. It will also cover more personal details, like the death of his mother and his failed Presidential run in 2020. The doc is directed by Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah.

Now the only question is if Netflix is going to let Kanye edit the doc. With the release window so close, it doesn’t seem incredibly likely. Although Kanye is an accomplished auteur, he’s not necessarily known for his ability to keep deadlines. The release of his album Yandhi was pushed back numerous times and it ended up never being released. A few songs made it on to future albums, but the release fell through altogether. Even his most recent album, Donda, was pushed back multiple times. Netflix is a pretty big company, so they might opt to hit their release date schedule rather than let West hit the editing room.

Undoubtedly, fans are antsy to get such an in-depth look at Kanye West’s life and career. The artist is enigmatic, to say the least, and getting a lengthy look at his creative process and his inner thoughts will be an interesting experience. As someone who cares very much about his art and image, it’s unlikely that Kanye is going to be too happy if he doesn’t get to edit Jeen-Yuhs. Hopefully, Netflix, Kanye, and the creative team behind the documentary can make a mutual agreement that makes everyone satisfied. Whether or not West gets his wish, you should be able to catch Jeen-Yuhs streaming on Netflix in February. Whether we see the unaltered state of the doc or West’s vision for it remains to be seen. Either way, it’s sure to be a fascinating watch.