Justice League Star Furious At James Gunn

James Gunn has now been attacked on Twitter by Ray Fisher, for deleting tweets that were exchanged between the two men.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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Justice League star Ray Fisher is back to throw shade at the entirety of DC and Warner Bros., this time setting his sights on the new CEO of DC Films, James Gunn. Apparently, James Gunn has drawn the ire of Ray Fisher after he seemingly deleted a Twitter exchange with Fisher, where he apologized for backing up Joss Whedon. Fisher screenshotted those Tweets, naturally, and posted them on his personal page, which you can see below:

James Gunn has responded to the Ray Fisher drama, by stating, “ALL my tweets automatically delete every few months, Ray, it has nothing to do with my tweets to you.” While people might find the above statement to be a bit odd, it does make sense considering the man had been fired from Marvel for his past tweets. We would imagine that Gunn is now quite self-aware about what he says on the social media app and does have them deleted so that he is not caught saying something that could get him in trouble once again. Still, Fisher has had his sights set on lambasting DC for years now.

It is quite sad that James Gunn is now being attacked by Ray Fisher, as the pair could have worked with one another on any number of DC properties. Granted, we understand that Fisher is likely never going to agree to be part of the DC Cinematic Universe again, as he has clearly not moved on from the past treatment he received from Whedon and the studio. We do hope that Fisher can let go of his hatred for this situation at some point.

Ray Fisher

The internet is also still quite divided about who is “right” and “wrong” in the situation. Tweets have been pouring in that have backed up James Gunn, and the same case for Ray Fisher. It appears that Warner Bros. cannot escape the drama that seems to unfold practically every week. Canceled movies, reshuffling the universe completely, and constant social media attacks seem to be commonplace these days.

Fisher does have every right to be mad, as the treatment he has spoken about is something that should not happen to anyone. Whedon’s transgressions were also echoed by Gal Gadot and many of the other Justice League stars. However, James Gunn was not behind that treatment, and he has certainly not done anything wrong to Ray Fisher to warrant these attacks, apart from his tweets getting auto-deleted.

At least James Gunn responded to Ray Fisher to try and quell the situation, though we are not sure if Fisher is willing to hear any sort of peace offering right now. Fisher is still quite upset about the Justice League debacle, and it appears his anger is going to be carried on for a lot longer. The new era of DC is starting, but it apparently is not without some huge bumps in the road.

James Gunn and Ray Fisher might just want to sit down and speak with one another, instead of engaging online, which seems to never help anyone. We hope the pair can find a way to move past the Whedon drama amicably. If not, expect DC to make headlines even more in the coming weeks, as Gunn and Peter Safran reveal their plans for the franchise.