Justice League 2: DC’s New Superhero Lineup Revealed

By Liana Keane | 8 months ago

Justice League 2

It’s no secret that Warner Bros first attempt at making a Justice League movie was something of a failure. It was reviled by critics and underperformed at the box office. Nobody was happy with it, not even the cast. But that doesn’t mean the WB has given up on the idea of bringing it’s biggest heroes together in one mighty team-up. They’re already planning a way to fix things and bring us Justice League 2.

Word is that the upcoming Flash movie will be their window to reboot the Justice League world and set things up for Justice League 2. The latest is that they even have their Justice League lineup planned.

Justice League 2’s Superheroes

Proven superhero scooper Mikey Sutton says the Justice League 2 superhero lineup will include the following powered faces…

Justice League 2
Ezra Miller as The Flash

Despite fan petitions to get him fired after recent controversy, WB remains committed to Ezra Miller as The Flash.

Henry Cavill as Superman

WB has recently signed a deal with Henry Cavill to have him cameo as Superman in their upcoming superhero films. So it’s possible his Superman might show up only to show his face, and then leave. Or they may simply sign a bigger deal with him to get more Supes. Given how many other superheroes they have planned for Justice League 2, though, it might make sense to limit Superman’s role.

Justice League 2
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

There is no Justice League 2 without Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman

He’s back. Obviously.

Justice League 2
Green Lantern (not yet cast)

WB is working on a Green Lantern TV show for HBO Max. It’s possible that whoever they cast for that show could end up playing their Lantern in Justice League 2.

Justice League 2
Amber Heard as Mera

Fan attempts to get Amber Heard fired from Warner Bros over accusations made against her by Johnny Depp have totally failed. WB has been adamant that they don’t care about the petitions being circulated or the complaints that she’s potentially a domestic abuser. Meanwhile they definitely need another female hero in Justice League 2 so here she is, getting even more work.

Zachary Levi as Shazam

It seems like WB wants to keep Shazam (yes in the comics he’s called Captain Marvel, but not in the movies) separate from Black Adam so it’s one or the other in Justice League and this is the route they’re going.

Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle (not yet cast)

Word is that they want to use the Jamie Reyes version of Blue Beetle, though it’s not clear when or how he might be introduced.

Justice League 2
Ray Fisher as Cyborg

Despite all the recent controversy surrounding Ray Fisher and the first Justice League movie, word is that WB still wants him back for Justice League 2. Not bringing him back for a future movie would probably result in pretty bad PR, given that most of the media seems to have sided with Fisher in the confusing Joss Whedon rumors.

Missing Members

Justice League 2

What about Batman for Justice League 2? WB currently has several different versions of Batman in the works. There’s the Robert Pattinson version which will be in The Batman. And then there’s word that Ben Affleck’s version will show up at some point in The Flash. Plus there’s the Michael Keaton Bruce Wayne who will be in The Flash and maybe also in a new Batman Beyond feature film as a mentor figure.

Current rumor has it that they’re considering passing the Batman torch to Robert Pattinson in Justice League 2, though how they’d pull that off is unclear. The Flash’s multi-verse exploits in his upcoming movie are a likely choice to make it all fit together. That would allow them to have a less antagonistic relationship between Superman and Batman going forward.

Another missing name from the proposed Justice League 2 roster is Black Adam. The Rock is playing Black Adam and you’d think the WB would want a star that big to be a part of their team. But he might be too big for the team and word is that he might get his own, separate team which he’ll lead himself. Black Adam’s superhero team will be Justice Society.

The People In Charge Of Justice League 2

Justice League 2

Exactly who Warner Bros will end up handing the next installment of their superhero franchise over to is a bit up in the air. They’re waiting to see how people respond to Zack Snyder’s Justice League redo, which is set to air on HBO Max. If audience reaction is huge, they might hand Justice League 2 over to Snyder. If it isn’t, they might end up giving control to Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.