Jurassic World 4 Will Have Robot Dinosaurs?

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

jurassic world 4

When we last left the folks in the Jurassic World franchise, things had gone more than a little sideways when it came to securing and isolating the remaining dinosaurs in the world. In fact, it had basically gone completely off the rails with dinosaurs now roaming the Earth, free as the day they were created, entering a new landscape of humans and dinosaurs having to coexist. Well, what’s going to be the solution to this problem? We Got This Covered has picked up the scoop and it looks like it’s relatively “simple”. In Jurassic World 4, they might just make robot dinosaurs to fight the cloned ones. Boom, problem solved. 

This latest rumor doesn’t come with much else in the way of specifics about how Jurassic World 4 will go about incorporating these robot dinosaurs and what exact function they will have in the plot. WGTC does say that part of the rumor is that the character Dr. Henry Wu, who’s becoming something of an ongoing antagonist in the franchise, is part of the plot to create the robots, so we can likely assume that there is a nefarious piece to this plot point. 

jurassic world 4

Whether this piece about robot dinosaurs comes to fruition in Jurassic World 4 or a future movie in the franchise, isn’t totally clear. Apparently, the studio simply wants it to happen somewhere along the way. This next film which is also tentatively titled Dominion will, in all likelihood, deal with the new world order of dinosaurs having escaped all confines of the previous iterations of the parks and are now fully out in the wild and other places in the world. It’s a new order with dinosaurs now part of the environmental fabric. Probably not exactly where John Hammond saw this going when he took that DNA sample out of the tree sap all those years ago. 

Whether it’s dinosaur robots or something crazier, Jurassic World 4 clearly has a much bigger story on its hands now than ever before in what could be a make-or-break moment for the franchise. Now that they’ve moved the story outside of the “controlled” park walls and completely removed the amusement park-like atmosphere from the equation, this has become much more of a global problem. Could we be moving more in the direction of Legendary’s Monsterverse franchise with bigger companies and the military getting more involved to deal with the dinosaur problem? We could and that would be where robots come in. 

jurassic world

It’s going to be quite some time until we get any more stories in this franchise though because Jurassic World 4 has already faced its fair share of delays. Filming was supposed to get underway in 2020 and they had actually moved forward with the opening stages of the production. But then Covid happened and things were put on hiatus. But things are starting to ramp back up and we actually got our first glimpse of Chris Pratt on the set in the new movie. The tentative release date is for June 10, 2022. Whether we see robots as part of the story remains to be seen. 

And just in case you thought all of this Jurassic World 4 talk is just part of the movie landscape, hot cinematic rumors about plot points, think again. Elon Musk’s business partner says the real thing is entirely possible. So that should keep you up for a few extra hours tonight. Maybe we’ll need to build some dinosaur robots of our own.