Real Jurassic Park Could Be Built In 15 Years Says Elon Musk’s Partner

Could Elon Musk be dreaming of a Jurassic Park attraction in the near future? One of his business partners thinks it's possible.

By Doug Norrie | Updated

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Jurassic Park captured the imaginations of an entire generation of moviegoers (and book readers as well) with the story of what can happen when one super-rich, pretty-smart guy has an idea to create a theme park around dinosaurs. Sure, there ended up being some, fairly predictable and obviously glaring downsides to the plan. But that didn’t seem to dissuade the movies from continuing to try and folks continuing to dream. Well now, some other smart, rich dudes are saying something similar might be possible. Elon Musk has a business partner who is dreaming of the possibility. 

Max Hodak jumped onto Twitter to intimate something about Jurassic Park and what he thought the possibilities of turning it into something like a reality. Who is Max Hodak you ask? Well, he’s the co-founder of Neuralink, a nanobiotechnology company that sounds futuristic enough just in its own right. Oh, and his partner in that company is one Mr. Elon Musk. Ever heard of him? Here’s what Hodak had to say about this potential park: 

It’s interesting to note here that Hodak makes the distinction between the movie version of Jurassic Park and what would actually be possible in the relative short-term. He’s quick to say that it wouldn’t be the fully formed versions of the actual dinosaurs that walked the Earth eons ago. But instead, it looks like he’s thinking about some kind of zoo from a science fiction wonderland. A kind of place with cross-breeding animals, new and exotic species that would specific to this new theme park. Without the heavy lift of actually getting a Tyrannosaurus Rex up and running, plenty of other cool stuff could be done with animals. 

And just in case you thought that these guys, Hodak and Elon Musk, aren’t the kind of dudes that could make this thing happen, create a crazy theme park with Jurassic Park vibes, think again. Neuralink’s primary goal is to create a microchip that humans implant into your brain that helps control different robotics. There’s a sci-fi component but it also appears it will help in the curing of many diseases. Meanwhile, Musk owns a car company, a space company and is worth around $170 billion dollars (give or take a billion). So these guys look like they have the brains, the tech and the funding. That’s the big three folks. Not exactly John Hammond types, but not too far off. 

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Jurassic Park, the movie, came out all the way back in 1993. It was directed by Steven Spielberg and sourced from the novel by Michael Crichton. Amazingly, the film still holds up today and spawned an entire franchise of people making the same mistakes over and over from the original story. Namely, they kept trying to bring these massive beasts to life for entertainment thinking there wouldn’t be any downsides. Think again. 

The Jurassic Park franchise spawned six movies altogether and more could be on the way. But will we get an Elon Musk version in the future? If there was a guy who could put something like this together, only to have it all go wrong possibly, he would be the guy.