X-Men’s Juggernaut Is Headed For Disney+

By Doug Norrie | 5 months ago


X-Men characters are finally being brought into the fold in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its offshoot of shows. It’s an exciting prospect to get a whole new group of time-honored names we’ve come to love in different iterations. But not all the names are going to be of the hero variety. The villains are coming over as well and we have some recent rumors of one of them landing on a Disney+ show. Apparently, Juggernaut will be joining the cast of She-Hulk. 

Juggernaut is one of the chief villains in the X-Men universe and has been around since the 1960s. He’s a massive dude with superhuman strength and is nearly impossible to defeat. In the comics, his primary run-ins were with Spider-Man and the Hulk. In the movies, he was often at odds with the X-Men as well, battering through walls and just taking on the ‘roided-out freak role. 

She-Hulk is set to actually be a half-hour comedy on Disney+ with Tatiana Maslany cast in the lead role as Jessica Walters/ She-Hulk. According to the description, it’s going to have primarily a legal setting with the main character a local lawyer who stumbles into the Hulk-strength. In the comics, she is Bruce Banner’s cousin and contracts the Hulk gene through a blood transfusion. It’s not totally if this will be the show’s origin story or if there are other X-Men involved. The rumor of Juggernaut’s involvement could have Maslany’s character defending him in court against the Hulk. 

tatiana maslany she hulk feature

The show is scheduled to be part of Marvel’s Phase Four which just kicked off with WandaVision last week. Apparently, that show is set to begin rolling the X-Men characters into things, starting off with Quicksilver making an appearance. It will be the first time the mutant group will hit the screen in this universe. 

The reason we are getting the X-Men finally brought into the fold is that in late 2019 Disney merged with Fox and was able to finally secure the rights to the characters. Up until this point, the group of mutants had been conspicuously absent for the Marvel Cinematic Universe even though in the comic books they had had numerous interactions and crossovers with those same characters. 

And for Disney, the X-Men news has been pouring in over the last couple of months. Recently, they announced that Rogue would be getting her own series spin-off show. And Storm is getting her own show as well with the weather-manipulating mutant set to star in a series. There’s even talk of getting a new Professor X into the mix. 


No doubt Marvel and Disney are chomping at the bit with these X-Men characters. Having them in the stable opens up entire worlds of content and will no doubt lead to a massive expansion in the universe and storylines. Juggernaut getting into the action in a comedy should make for plenty of laughs. But it’s going to be some time before we see them on the screen. She-Hulk isn’t set to air on Disney+ until 2022.