Jude Law’s Role In Mysterious Star Wars Series Revealed?

By James Brizuela | Published

jude law star wars

Jude Law is set to lead a brand-new Star Wars story when he appears in the Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, which is being labeled as a “coming-of-age” story from the 1980s, similar to that of The Goonies or Stand by Me. Though there is not much else known about this Jon Watts-led series, there have been rumors about the role that Law will be playing. He is meant to take on the role of the “teacher” or “guide” similar to what Brand was in The Goonies.

Granted, Brand was not that much older than the kids he was dealing with in The Goonies, but Jude Law is meant to take on the more Yoda-type role for the kids in this new Star Wars adventure. What is known is that this show is stated to be a trip through the Star Wars universe, so we could be seeing a group of kids accidentally transported into the Star Wars universe that they love so much. The adventure might also bring with it some of the most popular characters from the franchise.

skeleton crew jude law

Jon Favreau has been one of the chief people backing the Star Wars: Skeleton Crew series, so it could be that we might see the kids in Skeleton Crew cross paths with Mando and Grogu. Jude Law could be the long-lost teacher who has been stuck in the multiverse of the Star Wars universe, and he now has to help these kids escape. This is just speculating, but Law being described as the “wise teacher” could mean that he deeply knows about whatever universe the kids go waltzing into.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew does sound like it’s going to be a different type of story that we have not seen yet. Jude Law joining this Star Wars project has also excited the fan-favorite actor, as he stated at the D23 Expo this year, “I get awestruck by certain characters that are around me, that I can’t say. Yeah, it’s a wonderful experience.”

Jude Law was speaking about the characters or instances that make him feel like a kid again when he is on set, and it could mean that we are going to see some classic Star Wars characters appear in the Skeleton Crew series. We still think that these kids in the series are going to be transported into the franchise in some way, and they have to band together to find their way back home. It could mean that there are going to be plenty of heartwarming moments mixed with the nostalgia of the franchise.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is set to debut sometime in 2023, so we can expect to know more about Jude Law, the kids, and the plot of this new Star Wars series soon. From the vague descriptions alone, we can’t wait to see the trailer for this series, and it could be something rather refreshing to cleanse the palette of everyone who has been unhappy with the franchise. Granted, The Mandalorian and Andor have been great, but the franchise needs more than just those two shows to get people excited again.