See Jude Law As The Most Famous Pirate Ever

See Jude Law play Captain Hook in the new trailer for Disney's Peter Pan & Wendy.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

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A new trailer for the newest remake of the classic tale of Peter Pan has dropped, showing audiences the first look at Jude Law as the most famous pirate ever—Captain James Hook. The trailer for the Disney remake, based partly on the book by James Matthew Barrie and partly on Disney’s 1953 animated film, promises magic and adventure as it guides audiences on a soaring journey through Neverland. Watch the new trailer for Peter Pan & Wendy below!

The Peter Pan & Wendy trailer opens to a stunning ocean landscape as Jude Law’s husky whisper asks in a voiceover, “Tell me, how did you come to Neverland?” The screen flashes to a frightened Wendy (played by Ever Anderson) as she screams out onto an empty beach, calling for her brothers Michael and John (Jacobi Jupe and Joshua Pickering). Next, blips of scenes from the film introduce the Lost Boys, Tiger Lilly (Alyssa Wapanatâhk), Tinkerbell (Yara Shahidi), and, of course, Peter Pan (Alexander Molony).

The trailer brings to life the incredible landscapes of Neverland while showcasing classic icons like London’s Big Ben clock tower and adding extra magic at every turn. At the end of the teaser, audiences finally get a glimpse at Jude Law as the infamous Captain Hook. The dreadful pirate advances slowly on Wendy as he asks her to disclose the location of his archnemesis, Peter. 

Jude Law looks fantastic dressed in a long red pirate’s coat, with tumbling salt and pepper hair and a mustache that curls in a sinister manner at the ends. He holds a long cutlass in his left hand while his right arm boasts a terrifying and sharp-looking hook. For the brief moment that Law is on the screen, he is the epitome of everything Captain Hook should be, and we can’t wait to see his portrayal as the classic villain once the film is released.

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Peter Pan & Wendy is a classic retelling of Barrie’s novel about the boy who refuses to grow up and recruits three siblings from London to join him on his adventures in Neverland. While everything in the trailer seems to reflect the traditional telling of Peter’s story, we are sure that Disney has a few new surprises to share after the movie’s release. In fact, one noticeable thing Disney did differently from traditional Peter Pan productions is the casting of Jude Law as Captain Hook and Alan Tudyk as Mr. George Darling. 

It’s traditional for Wendy, Peter, and John’s father, George Darling, to be played by the same actor who plays Captain Hook. This custom started with the stage productions of the story, likely because it helped theaters save money by not hiring an additional actor, but it also gave a symbolic connection between the two characters. The 1953 animated version followed the tradition by having Hans Conried voice both characters, and Universal Picture’s Peter Pan (2003) had Harry Potter alumn actor Jason Isaacs play both roles as well.

It’s interesting that Disney’s Peter Pan & Wendy broke the tradition by casting Jude Law and Alan Tudyk as Hook and Mr. Darling, and it will be even more interesting to see what other changes the production conglomerate will make to the classic story. 

Peter Pan & Wendy, starring Jude Law, Alexander Molony, and Ever Anderson, will release straight to Disney+ on April 28.